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Enterprise Mobility Management Services

Enterprise Mobility & Security Solutions

Silicus provides services for businesses to deploy solutions for secure digital workplace experiences with holistic identity-driven protection, secure mobile productivity, and business information protection. We help implement and deploy Microsoft EMS suite of solutions, to drive security and secure mobility in the enterprise.


Our experts deliver security and enterprise mobility management solutions to manage mobile devices at scale, while ensuring IT control over enforcing security policies and supporting mobile platforms. We deliver solutions that are cost sensitive, always recommending a solution that can address your specific current and anticipated mobility and digital business objectives.

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Centrally manage identities across the organization, with single-on on across enterprise applications and accessibility from any device. Leverage Azure Active Directory to implement a robust cloud based identity & access management solution that includes:

  • Hybrid identity management
  • Single sign-on access
  • Risk based conditional access
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure remote access
Mobility Security Management

Mobility Security Management

Create a secure usage environment for remote users, BYO and un-manned endpoints with a combination of software, hardened apps, and rights methodologies. Leverage Azure AD, Azure Rights Management, InTune etc to enforce foolproof control and checks through single sign on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, token based authentication, geo/time tracking & fencing, AI & machine learning and context driven responses for ensuring adequate enterprise security for:

  • Attack prevention & mitigation
  • Multi-user devices & multi-device users
  • Authorized access & rights management
End Point Management

End Point Management

Effectively and efficiently manage your organizations endpoints from a single console with lower operational costs and day-to-day monitoring and support. Manage a diverse set of endpoints across human and machine controls, including:

  • Traditional client devices such as PC’s & desktops
  • Smart phones
  • Wearables
  • IoT enabled devices
Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management

Effectively manage access to internally developed and 3rd party delivered applications as well as apps received from public app stores, taking care of certifications, selective wiping, encryptions, blacklisting, conditional access and restricted use, all managed from a single console. Also, manage the deployment and operational lifecycle of applications including:

  • Administrative push
  • User-initiated deployment
  • Updating of custom and public (app store) apps
  • License management
Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Seamlessly manage enterprise owned, partner owned and BYOD devices, managing device life cycles across desktop, smart phone and small footprint device Oss. Leverage MDM to cost effectively manage:

  • Inventory & Assets
  • OS configurations
  • Device provisioning & de-provisioning
  • Remote wipes
  • Remote viewing and control
Mobility Data Management

Mobility Data Management

Ensure effective utilization of data collected from mobile devices by leveraging EMM analytics to optimize costs, enhance security and improve operational efficiency. Further, deliver high value digital business outcomes by expanding the scope of EMM data to encompass wearables and IoT devices, integrating the vast data stores with dedicated analytics and visualization tools for advanced analytics and insights.

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