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Silicus C++ Development Services

C++ Software Development.

We Are Experts.

Silicus should be your partner of choice to develop system software. Our system programmers are experts in C & C++ programming, delivering high efficiency and fault tolerant software — from design to development, integration and maintenance. With our in-depth understanding and expertise in C++, we offer robust and high performance solutions.

Linux Systems Programming

All Bases Covered. End-to-End Systems Software Engineering Services.

We can develop stable, high performance and secure native software for server and desktop systems. Our C & C++ programmers have worked with leading systems software companies to deliver software for application and network monitoring & recovery, high-performance computing, and security and compliance management. Our Systems programming expertise includes:

Cross-Platform Development
Cross-Platform Development

We develop cross platform software applications using popular toolkits. Our C++ programmers have expertise in:

  • UI development using MFC, wxWidgets, GTK+, QT
  • Installers
Native Software Development
Native Software Development

We build OS-native feature-rich software for Linux & Windows environments. Our expertise includes:

  • Systems Utilities
  • Tools, gadgets and widgets
  • Office & communication software
System Software Development
System Software Development

We develop software designed to run efficiently in resource constrained environments. Our expertise includes:

  • System monitoring & control software
  • Network wrappers over SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Industrial automation & control
Security Software Development
Security Software Development

Our expertise spans security & identity management software, and backend system components for electronic security devices.

  • LDAP, eDirectory implementations
  • Kerberos implementation
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules development
  • Hashing & encryption algorithms using OpenSSL
Storage Access & File Systems
Storage Access & File Systems

We develop highly available & fault tolerant storage & data management software across file formats. Our expertise includes:

  • Storage management & virtualization
  • Backup algorithms (eg: CDP, data de-duplication)
  • File system development (FAT16, FAT32, Ext3 etc)
  • File system porting & migrations
Media Software Development
Media Software Development

We can build robust and high performance software for image, audio and video processing. Our expertise includes:

  • Image Processing Software
  • Multi-media Set top systems
  • Gaming engines
  • Voice & audio processing software
Device Driver Development
Device Driver Development

We can develop device drivers for custom hardware such as portable, & plug-and-play devices, including:

  • Windows & Linux OS
  • Audio & Video Applications
  • USB, FireWire, Bluetooth etc
  • Virtual File Systems
Porting, Upgrades & Refactoring
Porting, Upgrades & Refactoring

Our systems programming experts can port or refactor your software to make it usable as technologies keep evolving.

  • Porting – OS, Databases, Libraries & frameworks
  • Refactoring - Source code translation, Binary translation, Structure improvements, Data re-engineering, Adaptation
C++ Developer

Build With Confidence. We Know the Platform Inside Out.

Our expertise spans popular OS, file formats, libraries & system level development technologies. We can help accelerate time to market & minimize product failure / recall risks by selecting the right tools & frameworks.

Windows System Programming

Virtual memory, Process control, Resource synchronization, Registry control
GDI, common controls, COM, OLE, ActiveX

Linux / UNIX System Programming

System / kernel programming, Device utilities, System utilities, System server utilities


C, C++, Shell Scripting, PERL scripting

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android

Libraries & Frameworks

Qt, GTK+, wxWidgets, POSIX, Win API, MFC
DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL
Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Carbon

Development Tools

MS C/C++ Compiler, GNU GCC, Autoconf
Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse

Protocol Implementations

CIFS, NFS file system protocols


MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2,
PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite


SSO, OAuth, PKI, X.509, CryptoAPI (CAPI), OpenSSL
Open LDAP, eDirectory
Kerberos implementation, PAM development



Multithreading Development

Win32 threads, POSIX Threads

Boot Loaders

Uboot, RedBoot, Proprietary bootloaders

Windows Programmer

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

16+ Yrs Experience
16+ Yrs Experience

Silicus brings deep technology expertise and proven experience working with a leading Fortune 500 system management software company. Our Systems programming team features 100+ (and growing!) architects and developers.

>20% Faster using Frameworks and Accelerators
20% Faster using Frameworks and Accelerators

Our teams leverage reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate code, pre-built assets, and delivery best practices to accelerate development and deployment timelines by 20% on an average.