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Software Testing Company

Software Testing, Compliance & Assurance.

We Are Experts.

Our software testing services ensure your software meets user needs and delivers a consistent user experience across platforms to promote adoption, drive engagement, and build customer loyalty. Our agile testing practices help deliver high-quality software products and applications with a faster time-to-market.

Our 100+ member Software QA team can work with your IT leadership, PMO, and QA organizations to assess your SDLC and QA processes and build a comprehensive QA strategy for your software. We are specialists in software testing across SDLC approaches – Waterfall, Water-Agile-Fall, Distributed Agile, and Agile DevOps.

Silicus Software Testing Services

All Bases Covered. End-to-End Software Testing Services.

Silicus provides end-to-end testing services and superior test coverage that spans multiple technologies, domains, and industry verticals to ensure deliver of defect-free, reliable, and high quality software solutions.

PHP Consulting

Test & Verify With Confidence. We Know Testing Inside Out.

We leverage proven and industry accepted technologies that complement our in-house developed frameworks, tools and accelerators. Together, these resources drive our testing services across the software lifecycle, to identify and fix defects early and speed software delivery.

Test Automation

QTP, Selenium, Shell Scripting, Mobile Automation Testing (Appium, Oracle MonkeyTalk, Robotium)

Bug Tracking & Reporting

OnTime, Bugzilla, JIRA, Trac

Performance Testing

Perfmon, Citrix EdgeSight for load testing (ESLT), Jmeter

Code Coverage


Database Testing

SQLmap, SQLninja, SQLinjector

Security Testing

Appscan, Metasploit, Paros, Fiddler

Security Test Practices

OWASP, Common Security Framework, MD5 hashing, Triple DES encryption

Testing Management

Team Foundation Server (TFS), TestLink, Redmine


SoftPerfect Connection Emulator (SCE), Android Emulators

Unit Testing

NUnit, Junit

Software Maintenance Services

Diverse Experience. Better and Faster Outcomes.

With over 16 years developing software, Silicus software development experts have gained a breadth of experience across solution, technology and industry domains.


Software Products, SaaS Solutions, Mobile Apps, As-a-Service, IoT, Digital and Data Solutions


Microsoft .NET, Java, Mobile, Open Source, Systems, Embedded


Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Construction, Payments & Cards, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution

Software QA Services

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

Proven & Predictable Processes

Agile practices that ensure delivery of high-quality software products and applications with reduced risk, rework and quicker time-to-market. These practices include dev/test pairing, frequent deliveries, continuous integration, and automation of build, test and deployment processes.

End to End Testing Services

Comprehensive testing services that span across software lifecycle stages and types of software including custom, web, mobile, desktop, enterprise, utility, and embedded. Testing expertise across range of next-technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data and Analytics