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SaaS Software Development Company

SaaS Solutions

We Are Experts.

Silicus has been working with software technology providers for over a decade, helping them bring new software solutions to the market and stay current with evolving technology, customer requirements, and industry trends. We have helped many traditional ISVs evolve and transform to a SaaS ISV.

Drawing on our extensive software development experience, we have helped over 100 SaaS ISVs bring their solutions to the market, through comprehensive software engineering services, user experience design and testing compliance & assurance services.

SaaS Application Development

Build With Confidence. We Know How To Build Successful SaaS Solutions.

Our rich SaaS development expertise encompasses the entire gamut of architectural and functional building blocks required to deliver successful solutions. With over 10 SaaS development accelerators and reusable frameworks we accelerate development timelines and speed-to-market. Our expertise and service capabilities provide coverage across the spectrum of a SaaS ISV needs.

Our expertise in building SaaS solutions include:

Software Re-Engineering for SaaS
Software Re-Engineering for SaaS

We help Software ISVs evolve their software products for SaaS delivery by enabling:

  • Tenant and subscription management
  • Re-architecture for multi-tenancy
  • Modern user experience
Tenant & Subscription Management
Tenant & Subscription Management

We build solution capabilities for:

  • Subscription Sign Up and Self-Service
  • Catalog, Pricing and Provisioning
  • Instance, License and Metered Usage
  • Billing Engine & Payment Processing

We design and implement the right multi-tenancy model:

  • Isolated Tenancy
  • Infrastructure Tenancy
  • Application Tenancy
  • Shared Tenancy

More Insights

User Experience
User Experience

User experience is key to end user adoption and solution success and requires:

  • Visual, Responsive and Interaction design across form factors
  • Optimized and Secure Mobile Experience
  • Easy to support tenant specific customizations
SaaS Application Development
API Integration

Third-party integration enabled through easy to use APIs supporting:

  • Open Standards
  • Multiple Integration Models
  • Scalability and Managed Updates
  • Security and Flexible Error Handling
Release Management
Release Management

Infrastructure and application design to support ease of:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Functionality Releases
  • Critical Planned Updates
  • Unplanned Updates
Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance

Effective SaaS application security and compliance by employing

  • Trusted database connections
  • Access control mechanisms
  • Data separation and encryption
  • Restricted and secure APIs
  • Intrusion detection and remediation
  • Periodic audits
SaaS Application Development
Infrastructure Ops Management

Infrastructure Ops Management is critical to successful SaaS delivery and requires:

  • Operational testing, configuration and release management
  • Proactive Monitoring and Infrastructure Management
Service Level Management
Service Level Management

Effective service level management delivers high quality user experiences by:

  • Early identification and isolation of application issues
  • Leveraging automated scaling and cost optimization
  • Continuous testing and feedback loops
Integrated DevOps
Integrated DevOps

Integrated Devops can reduce the release cycles and improve quality and can be achieved by:

  • Co-located dev and SaaS ops teams
  • Continuous integration, delivery, testing and monitoring
Silicus SaaS Software Development

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

400+ Software Professionals
400+ Software Professionals

Dedicated Software Practice with mature delivery and quality processes to ensure high quality outcomes.

100+ SaaS Solutions Delivered
100+ SaaS Solutions Delivered

Extensive expertise from delivering 100+ successful SaaS solutions.