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Silicus Online Platform Development Company

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We Are Experts.

Silicus helps online companies create new on demand service offerings and business models powered by online platforms. These platforms support e-commerce between multiple potential parties – a single provider, a market of providers, consumers, or an ecosystem of consumers. We have expertise architecting, prototyping, developing and deploying the building blocks common to all on demand businesses. These include accelerators and frameworks for sign ups, service aggregation, service scheduling, promotions, matching algorithms, alerts & notifications, and payments etc.

Drawing on our extensive software development experience, we help emerging technology-enabled online platform companies bring commercial-grade solutions to the market, through comprehensive software engineering services, user experience design, and testing compliance & assurance services across leading technology platforms.

Online Platform Development Services

Build With Confidence. We Know How To Build Engaging Online Platforms.

We help online platform operators create marketplaces and networks of providers and consumers to engage, transact, and share digitally, leveraging a high degree of technology standardization, through contextual interfaces and devices, with a deep focus on the user experience.

Our expertise and service capabilities provide coverage across the spectrum of online interactions. Our expertise in building online platforms includes:

Platform Solution Development
Platform Solution Development

We design and architect an extensible software platform that helps online companies function as an operator of single or multi-provider market, connecting supply with consumer demand in a seamless manner. Our expertise includes:

  • Provider management
  • Rule engine development
  • Multi-party payment processing
  • Social media integrations
Customer Experience
Customer Experience

We’ve formalized usability thinking into a process, with a UX that supports contemporary design, ease-of-use, scalability and immersion. Our UX methodologies include:

  • Persona development
  • User story mapping
  • Iterative wire-framing
  • High fidelity visual design
  • Rapid prototyping

Our Devops team facilitates rapid deployments and improved release quality by managing the resource eco-system, including servers, data storage devices, networks, smart devices, software and applications. We achieve this through:

  • Co-located dev and ops teams
  • Continuous integration, delivery, testing and monitoring
Service Oriented Architecture

Online platforms designed by Silicus incorporate service oriented architectural patterns, with loosely coupled components interacting with each other via a communications protocol. Our SOA expertise includes designing SOA layers for:

  • Consumer Interfacing
  • Business Processes
  • Integrations
Data Management & Analytics-->
Data Management & Analytics

Successful Online Platforms apply analytics to create new revenue streams from the vast amounts of data generated. Silicus can help you leverage cross customer data to innovate your platform features, or make your online platform smarter. Our expertise includes:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Master Data Model (MDM) Design
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Reporting & Visualization
Mobile-Connected Interaction
Mobile-Connected Interaction

We create native experiences for iOS and Android platforms using best of breed cross platform development tools and frameworks. Our mobile front ends are context rich apps that use customer preferences, situations, touch and voice to create an immersive UX. Our expertise includes:

  • Native App Development
  • Custom MBaaS development / MBaaS Integrations
  • Service integrations for social, notifications, maps etc
Cloud Powered Development & Deployment
Cloud Powered Development & Deployment

We leverage cloud-powered software deployment as well as mobile and backend services to deliver rich and robust app performance, deployed on cloud only or hybrid environments.

  • Server-side auto scaling
  • Push notifications
  • Offline sync
  • Access to on-premises data, and more
API Development & Management
API Development & Management

A key success factor for online platforms is its ability to support an eco-system for technology developers, sellers etc. Silicus can develop APIs that enable other parties (partners, customers, suppliers) to integrate their own business applications. We develop API management components that drive secure and authorized access of the platform capabilities.

Middleware & Software Integrations
Middleware & Software Integrations

Our middleware development capabilities include a broad range of application infrastructure such as database management, integration services, business process management, rules engines, event processing services etc.

We develop and implement web services, integration platforms and ETL tools that form the basic communication blocks within a digital platform.

Governance, Security & Compliance
Governance, Security & Compliance

Silicus can architect online platforms that are on the right side of privacy and compliance requirements such as data privacy, PCI and HIPAA. For financial transactions, we can integrate payment gateway providers with PCI compliant solutions.

Online platforms developed by Silicus incorporate security within the core design, with solutions for firewall, endpoint management, secure protocol handling, access and authorization, encryption of data in motion and at rest, integrity checking, etc.

Online Platform Consulting Services

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

High Performance Platform Development
High Performance Platform Development

Track record of delivering robust, scalable platforms capable of handling large transaction loads.

100+ Mobile Apps Delivered
100+ Mobile Apps Delivered

Extensive expertise from delivering 100+ successful Mobile Apps across platforms to mobile-enable your online platform.

Customer Engagement Platforms

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