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Internet of Things Development.

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We work with IoT companies – providers of hardware, software, communications, turnkey solutions and XaaS companies who provide IoT offerings as a service. We bring multiple skillsets to help them develop solutions that provide real-time actionable intelligence from interconnected smart devices in several industry and market segments.

Drawing on our combined strengths in software engineering services, cloud application development, data engineering and management, and big data & advanced analytics, we help construct solution roadmaps, prototype, build proof-of-concepts using simulated or real devices, and provide end-to-end capabilities required to build a robust IoT enabled platform.

Internet of Things Companies

Build With Confidence. We Know How To Architect IoT Solutions.

We blend traditional software engineering capabilities with next-technology expertise in Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, and AI & Machine Learning to connect thousands of physical assets, enabling IoT solution providers to create a differentiated offering.

IoT Solution Roadmaps
IoT Solution Roadmaps

An IoT solution can have several connected solution components. A detailed solution roadmap is required to eliminate as many risks and unknowns as early as possible as well as provide an overall execution plan. Our IoT experts help define key milestones for addressing these goals.

IoT PoC & Discovery Support
IoT PoC & Discovery Support

We emphasize on developing proof-of-concepts during the early stages of IoT solution development to address unknowns and potential constraints presented by devices and technologies to support the overall design of the solution.

UX Design
UX Design

In the IoT world, a user’s experience in managing smart devices and receiving alerts, updates and insights span across browsers, smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Silicus UX designers build a rich and seamless user experience, making user interactions easy and engaging.


Smart devices in an IoT eco-system may be installed at a remote location, vulnerable to security breaches. Silicus can design a comprehensive security framework that can contain the impact area to a minimal. Our security frameworks ensure secure communications, secure firmware updates, authenticated access and graceful degradation of services.

Platform Development
Platform Development

We design and develop complete IoT platforms with all elements - sensors, storage, processing power, connectivity and software.

Our IoT platforms adhere to industry-wide IoT standards that govern and support stakeholder processes and practices.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

A live and expanding IoT deployment can generate significant flow of data. Silicus can help implement machine learning algorithms that automate data processing by building an analytical model that is driven by computer based iterative learning.

Leveraging ML, our experts can help analyze large and unstructured data, and deliver faster and accurate results.

Cloud Dev Ops
Cloud Dev Ops

We deliver development and infrastructure operations for Cloud-delivered IoT solutions within a single agile team that has visibility across software release, configuration management, operational testing, deployment, monitoring and management.

Data Management
Data Management

A key success factor for an IoT deployment is its ability to manage significant volumes of data, and make meaningful correlations from them. Our experts architect a data management backbone that can collect, store, and analyze data streams originating from multiple smart devices, networks and computers.

We support cloud deployments for cost-efficiency and scalability, including computing, data processing and analytics, storage and mobility.

Solution Testing
Solution Testing

We can help thoroughly test your IoT based offering for any vulnerabilities in the software, hardware or communications. We test IoT software platforms for Authentication, boot vulnerabilities, and Encryption and decryption validations

On the hardware front, we help test IoT Hardware for Timing attacks on devices, Power attacks, and Glitch attack testing on power, clocks, and control signals.

We also provide “Data in Motion” and Network Security Testing including Key based attack vector testing, Validation of TLS and SSL protocol implementations and “Man in the Middle” attack prevention tests

Systems Integrations & Roll-out Support
Systems Integrations & Roll-out Support

We help IoT solution providers roll out their solutions to end customers with complete installation and commissioning support including solution design, and development customizations.

Post design and development, we help with systems integration, component level testing, Dry run Monitoring, and Production Runs along with support for process optimization.

We also provide 24x7 ongoing technical support services on behalf of our customers.

IoT Services

Build With Confidence. We are expert IoT System Integrators.

Our technology expertise spans IoT hardware and software platforms, frameworks, communications hardware, big data, sensors and networks, connection protocols and network enablers.

Programming Environments

Microsoft.NET, Java, C, C++, Python, Low Level Assembly, Embedded Firmware Programming

UX Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Scala, Play framework, NodeJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Big Data Processing Technologies

Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HBase, Impala, Oozie, Mahout, Flume, ZooKeeper, Solr

Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure, AWS or Amazon Web Services

IoT Platforms

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel, Thingworx, Spark etc


VMware, MS Hypervisor

Mobility Development Platforms

Android, iOS, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, Mobile Web Technologies etc

AI & Machine Learning

R Studio, Azure ML, Mahout, MLib

Hardware/Sensor Interfaces

Smartphones, Tablets, and Wearables


M2M, M2B, B2M (B-Building), M2H, H2M, B2H, H2B (H-Human)

Wireless RF Technologies

WiFi, BlueTooth, EnOcean, Zwave, ZigBee, 6LowPAN

Building / Industrial Automation Protocols

RS232, RS485, Ethernet, LonWorks, Bacnet, Modbus, Profibus

IoT Development

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Next Technology Expertise
Next Technology Expertise

Next-technology Expertise such as Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile, AI, and Machine Learning to differentiate and future-proof your solutions

Expertise Across Industries
Expertise Across Industries

Domain and subject matter experts with extensive expertise across industries such as Energy, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, and more.