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IoT Connected Platform

IoT Connected Platform Deployment

Building smart, connected products and solutions requires an IoT platform to integrate & support devices and applications. Silicus brings expertise and experience on the Azure IoT platform to build IoT solutions for consumer, enterprise, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and across a wide range of use cases. We leverage the cloud based Azure IoT platform to create end to end solutions that helps businesses develop, deploy and manage connected products, systems and data driven applications.


Core IoT Services

Core IoT Services

Leverage core IoT service capabilities offered by the IoT platform to drive the stability, performance and reliability of the solution, including:

  • Device management
  • Device gateways
  • Rules engine
  • Administrative controls
  • System and usage reporting
Application & Business Logic

Application & Business Logic

Build, integrate and deploy application specific functionality on top of the core IoT platform as per business needs, leveraging:

  • Application libraries
  • 4GL platforms C, Python, .NET etc
  • Business software integration
  • Cloud hosting & deployment
  • Custom solution API’s
Device Connectivity & Security

Device Connectivity & Security

Connect devices, exchange data and actions over encrypted communications using industry standard protocols, with considerations for:

  • Low / No computing resource devices
  • Secure remote management
  • Authenticated encryption
  • Identity & privacy management
Device Management

Device Management

Implement device management, security and provisioning from a single scalable platform to:

  • Manage device status
  • Deploy firmware updates
  • Version control
  • Encrypted device communications
  • Manufacturing & in-field provisioning
Data Management & Analytics

Data Management & Analytics

Implement powerful data discovery, storage, processing and machine learning driven big data analytics for supporting IoT use cases, with:

  • Secure data storage
  • Data schema development
  • Real time data management
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Analytics driven insights
User Management

User Management

Define access control rules for account level information, including roles and permissions management, including:

  • Role definitions
  • Authentications
  • Identity management


We help enterprises, technology providers and innovative startups build and deploy innovative connected platforms for use cases ranging from asset management, process automation, smart monitoring, predictive maintenance etc.

Connected Products

Connected Products

Connected Systems

Connected Systems

Data driven Connected Business

Data driven Connected Business

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