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Silicus Health, Fitness & Leisure Industry Focus

Health, Fitness & Leisure Clubs.

Industry Expertise.

With over 15 years in the Health, Fitness and leisure industry we understand the business and technology necessary for growing and retaining your members. We are the Health and Fitness industry leader in technology consulting, working and building products for the largest software providers in the Industry today.

We understand the profound shifts in consumer expectations taking place in the industry, fueled by mobility, content and social media. We help key health, fitness and leisure industry players innovate and transform their business operations through IT driven software and solutions.

Health, fitness and leisure Industry Capabilities

Segments We Serve. Our Customer Base.

Health and Fitness Clubs
Health and Fitness Clubs

Silicus helps health and fitness clubs leverage cloud and digital technology paradigms to stay nimble and adapt to changing consumer trends. We help health and fitness clubs address key technology challenges such as:

  • Member & loyalty management
  • Customer centric mobility solutions
  • Wearables & IoT integrations
  • Equipment customizations using Gym equipment protocols
  • Integrations with medical and corporate affiliation portals
Community Centers
Community Centers

Silicus helps non-profit community centers - YMCA’s / YWCA’s sustain & expand community outreach programs through tailored IT solutions that underline the unique challenges and opportunities these organizations face. Our services include:

  • Developing Campaigns and Products
  • Digitizing processes and workflows
  • Collaboration and member engagement portals
  • Mobile app development
  • Reporting and analytics solutions
  • Cloud (Azure) based infrastructure deployments
Sports Clubs
Sports Clubs

Silicus helps sport clubs attract and retain patrons through tightly managed solutions for sustained fan engagement. We help sports clubs diversify and innovate new revenue streams through content delivered directly to smart phones and tablets. Our services include:

  • Digital content creation, management and distribution
  • Fan management and engagements over social media and mobile apps
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Gamification through mobile applications
  • Sports facility bookings & management
Recreational Clubs
Recreational Clubs

We help recreational clubs adapt to shifting patterns of consumer behavior and lifestyle activity preferences through IT solutions that leverage these changing trends. Our services include:

  • Mobile driven social engagement and sharing applications
  • Content creation, distribution and management over smartphones and tablets
  • Online booking and customer self-service portals
  • High touch point patron engagement solutions
Leisure & Timeshare Clubs
Leisure & Timeshare Clubs

Silicus helps leisure and timeshare operators stay profitable and relevant during sluggish economic scenarios when such spends become discretionary for customers. Our services for leisure and timeshare operators include:

  • Digital and referral sales management applications
  • Workflow and process digitization for cost efficient operations
  • Customer engagement solutions over mobile and social media
  • Cloud (Azure) based infrastructure cost rationalizations
  • CRM implementations & customizations
Software Technology Providers
Software Technology Providers

Silicus helps gym and club management software technology companies innovate, evolve and outperform by adopting mega trends towards service-based consumption models and digital ecosystems We forge strong software engineering partnerships with our customers, helping them address the following challenges:

  • Software product engineering
  • User experience design
  • SaaS enablement
  • Cloud based development & infrastructure services
  • Testing, compliance and assurance
Health, Fitness & Leisure Industry Expertise

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record

15+ yrs experience delivering Software Technology Solutions to the Health, Fitness and Leisure Club Industry; staffed with industry veterans with 20+ yrs experience in the industry.

Strong Customer Base
Strong Customer Base

Engaged with Health & Fitness Clubs and some of the largest “Gym & Club Management Software” companies, delivering tailored IT solutions. that improve customer experience & drive profitable growth.