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Cards, Payments & Transfers IT services

Cards, Payments & Transfers

Industry Segment Expertise.

Silicus’ cards, payments and transfers technology expertise offers you strategic IT solutions to create cost leadership, counter challenges and leverage newer opportunities in the digital payment landscape.

Our cards, payments and transfers expertise include services for ISO/MSP, Gateways, Technology Providers, Merchants, Processors and Acquirers, across P2P, P2B, B2B, ACH, card-based and money transfer based transfer mechanisms.

With a focus on next-gen technologies such as SaaS, Cloud (Azure) and Mobile (Apple, Android, Xamarin) platforms, Digital, Social and Analytics, we provide solutions that drive better margins and impactful customer experiences in an ever-increasing commoditized space. With deep industry knowledge, we know how to add value to a payment transaction through software technology.

Cards, Payments & Transfers Capabilities

Segments We Serve. Our Customer Base.

Independent Sales Organizations
Independent Sales Organizations

We leverage our expertise in multiple payment platforms to help ISO/MSPs counter challenges such as rising costs, risks and complex regulatory compliances. We offer the following key solutions to ISO/MSPs:

  • Merchant on-boarding solutions
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • PCI DSS and PA-DSS Consulting
  • Customized Next Gen products for better Merchant experience
  • CRM implementations and integrations
Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways

Our Gateway integration expertise allows providers to connect with Merchants, ISO’s and Processors in ongoing new and innovative ways. Our services include:

  • PCI DSS compliant solutions
  • POS real-time credit card processing
  • Batch ACH processing & FED window management
  • Security Testing for Gateway
  • Hardware integrations
  • Customized reporting
  • Customer implementations
  • Processor conversions

Silicus assists acquirer banks adapt to evolving technologies to offer safe and flexible merchant payment acceptance solutions. We offer digital collaboration and workflow automation solutions that integrate payment terminals, processing services, and bank accounts for completing a payment transaction. Our services include:

  • Merchant, ISO/MSP system integrations
  • Next Gen solutions – Cloud, Mobility, Analytics
  • PCI DSS and PA-DSS Expertise
  • Fed Window Management Expertise
  • Remittance management

Silicus helps merchants innovate and acquire new customers while improving process efficiencies, simplify transactions, and speeding up time-to-market. Our services include:

  • Mobile Enablement
  • Customer engagement platform integrations - Apps, SMS, Web, STK, IVR
  • Coupon management
  • Customer analytics
Processors (Payment Transfers)
Processors (Payment Transfers)

Our IT and software engineering services help payment processers transfer payment related information securely and cost effectively, be it scanning checks by Merchants, processing recurring and single credit card payments etc

  • ISO/MSP Integrations
  • Tokenization and Vault Management
  • Data security services (PCI-DSS & PA-DSS)
  • ACH Fed Window management solutions
  • Remittance management solutions
  • Point to Point Encryption solutions
Technology Providers (Software/Hardware/Consumer)
Technology Providers (Software/Hardware/Consumer)

Silicus helps cards & payments technology providers gain better acceptance in their target markets through reliable and cost efficient software engineering services. Our services include:

  • P2P, P2B and B2B Payments System Development
  • Digital Wallet development
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting (SQL BI, Oracle, MongoDB)
  • Advanced analytics solutions
  • Hardware device integrations
Mobile Payment Providers
Mobile Payment Providers

Silicus works with some of the leading innovators of mobile payment transfers, helping them create the software back-ends, user interfaces, mobile apps, analytics and infrastructure deployment pieces of the solution. Our expertise includes:

  • Mobile wallet development
  • MCommerce app development
  • Mobile P2P payment apps
Alternate Payment Providers
Alternate Payment Providers

Silicus works with some of the leading innovators of emerging payment transfer technologies, helping them design, develop and deploy the software building blocks needs to operationalize these solutions. Our expertise includes:

  • Digital remittance applications
  • Blockchain implementations
  • Payments through connected devices
  • Mobile carrier billing software
White Label Payment Gateway
White Label Payment Gateway

Silicus owns and operates its own Level 1 proprietary Gateway, that can be customized and expanded into a Level II or Level III based on the customer needs. The Silicus Custom Payment Gateway and Implementations includes:

  • Standard APIs
  • Supports Verifone VX085 Chip/Pin Device
  • Handles Moto - VISA, MasterCard & American Express cards
  • Handles Discover Cards & ACH
Cards, Payments & Transfers IT consulting

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

Next Gen Solutions Expertise
Next Gen Solutions Expertise

Transform solutions to next-gen capabilities such as SaaS (Multi-tenancy), Cloud (Azure, AWS) & Mobile (iOS, Android)

Broad Experience
Broad Experience

We utilize our business experience and transform companies by adding value to the transactions for better revenue streams.