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UX Consultant

User Experience Design.

We Are Experts.

We help craft functional, intuitive and contemporary user experiences for software-driven products, services, systems, platforms and enterprise applications. Our software and digital practices have delivered over 500 software engagements, each requiring the UX team to deliver consumer-grade interface design backed by researched usability best-practices.

UX Design Companies

All Bases Covered. End-to-End User Experience Design Services.

Our comprehensive user experience design services support software development across various personas, environments, user interface types, device types, and interface development technologies.

As a full service software UX consulting company, we engage with companies to align their software UI real user expectations through a combination of analytical and research, delivering clear insights on customer reactions to and interactions with the product.

Business Understanding
Business Understanding

Whether we are engaged for helping design a new or existing software, we need to understand the business scope of the software. We work with stakeholders to understand, define, and clarify:

  • Business Objectives
  • Functional requirements
  • Technological Constraints
User Understandings
User Understanding

We work with our Dev teams in functional requirements sessions and user story development to understand the software roles and use cases. Additionally for existing software redesign, we explore past user experience information through:

  • User Interviews & Observed Interactions
  • Data from Service & Support groups
  • Data from User comments and feedback
Analytical Research
Analytical Research

We look for pieces of data across various sources, that can reveal potentially game changing insights into user behavior, user expectation, and software relevance through:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Site Metrics/ Analytics
  • Competitive Benchmarking
Design Approach, Concepts and Wireframes
Design Approach, Concepts and Wireframes

Based on the prior research and analysis, and in parallel with Information Architecture we develop wireframes to communicate our design concepts for feedback through:

  • Design Approach Ideation
  • Static Wireframe Development
  • Client Feedback Sessions
Information Architecture
Information Architecture

Based on prior research and analysis we develop an information architecture strategy that includes:

  • Navigation & Hierarchy
  • Content Labeling & Taxonomy
Visual Design
Visual Design

We produce a cohesive, predictable and desirable visual designs with iterative feedback from the client including:

  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Style Guides with Brand identity integration
  • Reusable Pattern Libraries
  • Feedback sessions
Front-End Development
Front-End Development

We ensure that the look and feel is represented accurately when translating design into functioning code, developed in accordance with current standards and latest technologies including:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript templating
  • Responsive framework incorporation
  • Motion scripting for interaction
Integration Support & Testing
Integration Support & Testing

We support integration of front-end code with the software business logic layers, ensuring enough time to discover imperfections through testing and correct them.

  • Developer support for integration
  • Responsive Viewport Testing for Websites and Webapps
  • Universal Viewport Testing for Native Apps
  • Ample warrantied discovery time
Software Development & DevOps

Robust Processes. To get the Job Done Right.

Our software UX process is integrated with our software development process. A practical design approach is pursued from project start to completion. These project-based engagements are typical of new software development or re-engineering initiatives and follow a Water-Agile-Fall process where the UX Activities include:

Digital Graph
  • Concept Mockups
  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Approach & Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development
  • UX Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Customer Acceptance Testing
  • Final User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Release
Responsive Web Design Company

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

Track Record
Track Record

Our UX delivery teams have been involved in over 500 development projects spanning web applications to wearable technologies. We know how to effectively engage users.

Broad Experience
Broad Experience

We bring a broad base of industry and domain experience, having delivered technology services across diverse industries, platforms and user segments.