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Enterprise Communication Consulting

Enterprise Communications.

We Are Experts.

The proliferation of next-gen technologies like Cloud, Mobility and IP voice communications are breaking down silos created in traditional communication and collaboration mediums such as portals, e-mail and fixed landlines. These changes are already playing out in the consumer world, the enterprise world is now poised for a similar change.

With millennials starting to join the workplace, these digital natives will demand real time communications over chats, video calls and web collaboration via mobile-only interfaces. Demand for real-time messaging will trump formality in workplace communications.

Silicus understands these changes, and is at the forefront in providing technology driven communication solutions to savvy business leaders who see an opportunity to harness these new technologies to truly drive productivity by putting the right information into the right hands at the right time.

Enterprise Communication Services

Deploy With Confidence. We Know How to Implement Next-Gen Communication Solutions.

Silicus focuses on delivering solutions that helps enterprises embrace the next wave of communication paradigms that fuels innovation, efficiency and satisfied customers and employees. At the same time, we ensure full backward compatibility with existing enterprise applications and communication systems, as appropriate, so that knowledge and core processes do not get left out during the change.

We work closely with key stakeholders within your organization, understanding your workplace processes, workflows, customer engagement channels and data management systems to create and execute quick PoC’s and technology demonstrations before zeroing in on the right suite of technologies for your business.

Enterprise Communication Advisory Services
Enterprise Communication Advisory Services

We work closely with key stakeholders, understanding your workplace processes, workflows, and existing communication avenues, before creating and executing quick PoC’s and technology demonstrations that will help zero in on the right suite of technologies

Our services include:

  • “As-Is” processes & infrastructure benchmarking
  • Vendor neutral technology evaluations
  • Software tools & technology selection
  • Legacy system integration plans
  • Milestone based roll out plans
Cloud-first Deployments
Cloud-first Deployments

We help implement efficient, resilient and universally accessible communications solutions that leverage cloud based integrations and interconnections at their core, connecting your communication systems at the periphery to the business systems residing within the heart of the enterprise.

Whether your teams are joining a group chat, working on shared documents, or logging into a videoconference from an Android or iOS device, Silicus helps implement and customize cloud-based unified communication technology solutions from popular vendors such as Microsoft, Unify, Cisco, Citrix etc.

Enterprise Software and 3rd Party Integrations
Enterprise Software and 3rd Party Integrations

Our experts help connect enterprise staples like SharePoint, Dynamics, Cerner, Oracle, SAP and BI platforms etc, developing software that seamlessly integrate next-gen communication technologies with the investment in these existing stacks.

We also help enterprises stitch together disparate, specialized communication tools such as chat, voice and video they have already invested in. We use the API’s presented by these tools to create custom integrations that lets you import a chat message from one software into a video calling system, and so on.

Connected Devices
Connected Devices

We bring our IoT solution design and development skills to add connected devices to the enterprise communication landscape. Our IoT solution experts help enable machines to join the conversation between humans by creating the software interconnections between devices and existing communication software.

We do this by blending traditional software engineering capabilities with next-technology expertise in Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, and AI & Machine Learning.

Unified Communications
Unified Communications

Silicus can implement, customize and support popular unified communication solutions that keeps your enterprise connected with secure, reliable and scalable implementations.

Our expertise spans leading UC solution providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Unify and Avaya, delivering integrated enterprise communications solutions with phone, email, voice, chat, social and call center.

Mobile-IoT Driven Productivity

With employees already bringing their tablets and smartphones to the office, Silicus is helping enterprises gear up to provide them with the necessary tools and applications that keep them connected at work as they are at home.

We can help implement, customize and support solutions from leading mobile web collaboration, calling and video technology providers.

ESingle Point Communication Solutions
Single Point Communication Solutions

Silicus can help enterprises solve specific business problems by implementing and customizing specialized communication solutions such as MS Teams, Slack, Hipchat, Skype for Business, Lync, Asana etc. We can also develop highly customizations solutions based on specific business needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Voice
  • Chat Platforms
  • Web Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
Enterprise Social Networks
Enterprise Social Networks

We help enterprises bring their workforce closer together by providing them with a sense of online community delivered through enterprise social networks.

We have expertise implementing and supporting leading ESN technologies from Yammer, Tibbr, SocialCast, Chatter etc, integrating these technologies with enterprise apps such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP as well as social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and LinkedIn to create a truly connected workplace.

Enterprise Communication Solutions

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

100+ Mobile Apps Delivered
Next Technology Expertise

Next-technology Expertise such as Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, and Mobile to create impactful enterprise communication solutions.

Enterprise Grade Mobile Apps
Expertise Across Industries

Domain and subject matter experts with extensive expertise across industries such as Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Energy, and more.