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SQL Development Company

SQL Server Development.

We Are Experts.

Drawing on our vast experience and skills across all aspects of SQL Server, we build SQL driven solutions for database-driven applications, analytics and business intelligence while providing the expertise you need for data management, architecture and administration.

A Microsoft Partner with Gold competency in data analytics, Silicus’ team of experienced SQL professionals can help you leverage the power of SQL server to get mission-critical performance with better security, high availability, improved database engine, and in-database advanced analytics for actionable insights.

Silicus SQL Server Development Services

All Bases Covered. End-to-End SQL Server Data Services.

Silicus offers a complete range of Microsoft SQL data services including technology needs assessment, installation, upgrades, migration as well as BI and Analytics.

SQL Serve Needs Assessment
SQL Server Needs Assessment

We create an “As-Is” baselining of your current SQL Server environment - number of servers, number of instances/databases, number and type of CPUs etc.

We then suggest recommendations for optimizations such as SQL server virtualization, high availability, disaster recovery, and database/instance consolidation including on premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions.

Installation, Upgrade, and SQL Server Migration
Installation, Upgrade, and SQL Server Migration

We recommend appropriate and cost-effective SQL server options based on business needs.

We leverage Microsoft’s pre-upgrade and planning tools such as System Configuration Checker, SQL Server Upgrade Advisor, Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit for SQL Server, and Best Practice Analyzer to identify and upgrade legacy code.

SQL Data Warehousing & Management
SQL Data Warehousing & Management

Our enterprise data architects understand your strategic goals and objectives and design modern data warehousing architectures that are efficient, flexible and scalable.

We provide expertise across data management needs including meta and master data management, ETL for data integration, and data modeling.

SQL Server Analytics & BI
SQL Server Analytics & BI

Silicus’ Analytics & BI services help clients transfer raw data into actionable insights by leveraging capabilities built into SQL Server such as SSRS, SSAS, Data Quality Services and SQL R Services. With Mobile BI, business users get access to insights and intuitive reports optimized for their choice of platform – desktops or mobile devices.

Additionally, we can help you analyze operational data using SQL Server R language support, in real-time and at scale.

SQL Server Performance
SQL Server Performance

We provide detailed SQL server query performance analysis to identify resource-intensive queries using SQL server’s large array of performance tools including Database Tuning Advisor, various DMVs, Extended Events, and Activity Monitor.

We help optimize slow-performing queries and stored procedures through a proven indexing strategy, ensure transactional concurrency that minimizes blocking and locking issues, and identify possible deadlocking code and review logs for previously executed and unresolved SQL Server deadlocks.

SQL Server High Availability
SQL Server High Availability

Silicus help clients leverage SQL Server’s large array of High Availability (HA)/Disaster Recovery (DR) options to achieve greater uptime, obtain greater hardware utilization, and improve productivity for mission-critical applications and network services.

We help clients select the most suitable HA/DR solution (AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Replication, SQL Server Instance Failover Clustering and Azure Site Recovery) that balances organization’s data needs with available budget and IT infrastructure.

SQL Server Security Assessments
SQL Server Security Assessments

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of SQL server security environment and policies that includes - SQL Server’s authentication modes in use, password policies, account lockout policies, and Kerberos protocol usage. Silicus recommends “principle of least privilege” where only permissions necessary to accomplish a specific task are granted to SQL Server users and accounts.

We leverage SQL server’s security tools such as Security Configuration Wizard and SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer to reduce SQL Server’s surface area by locking down the server except for the services that it requires to perform specific duties.

SQL Server Development

Deploy With Confidence. We Know the Platform Inside Out.

Our SQL Server expertise runs deep ensuring high performance, availability, security, and scalability for any intended application – business applications, integration services, data warehousing, analytics, replication, data quality services, predictive analytics using R services, and reporting services.

SQL Server Administration

New Installations, Upgrades and Migrations
Very Large Databases (VLDBs)
Backup and Restore
Performance Tuning and System Configuration
Security Monitoring and Auditing
Daily Index & Statistics Maintenance
Data Imports/Exports
SQL Server Agent Jobs
Compression and Encryption

SQL High Availability/Disaster Recovery Solutions

AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Database Mirroring
Log Shipping
SQL Server Instance Failover Clustering
Azure Site Recovery

SQL Server Development

Database Design
Transact-SQL (T-SQL) Programming

SQL Data Management

Master Data Management
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
SQL Data Warehousing
SQL Data Quality Services

SQL Server Analytics

SQL Server Analysis Services
Multi-dimensional OLAP modeling
In-memory tabular (relational) data modeling
Power Pivot and Excel data modeling
Data Mining
MDX Queries
R Programming

SQL Server BI Development

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Microsoft Power BI
SharePoint Integration
Mobile Reports

SQL Server Outsourcing Company

Assured Success. Best Practices to Guide Us.

Silicus engagements benefit from best practices for SQL design and implementation, ensuring optimal performance, high availability, and security.

  • For very large databases, implement table partitioning into multiple physical structures to ease table management, decrease load time, improve query time and allow smaller maintenance windows.
  • Improve query processing by analyzing execution plans and implementing missing indexes recommended by query optimizer.
  • Maintain Database Snapshots (Copy-on-Write) to quickly revert a database back to a previous state without the need to perform lengthy backup and restore operations.
  • Install only required Windows roles and features required to support installed SQL Server version/edition.
  • Leverage Policy Based Management to centralize administrative control of all SQL Servers throughout the organization.
  • Run Security Configuration Wizard (SCW), which allows you to lock down a server except for services that it requires to perform specific duties.
  • Place tempdb on a fast I/O subsystem (preferably on a RAID 10 or RAID 5 system) and on its own separate drive. Create additional tempdb data files based on number of CPUs with a limit at eight.
  • Use recommended or optimal hardware and software requirements when installing SQL Server. Leverage SQL Server Upgrade Advisor before performing any SQL Server upgrade.
  • Refactor any code targeted by the Advisor.

More Insights

SQL Development Firm

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

Microsoft Partner Gold Certified in Data Analytics
Microsoft Partner Gold Certified in Data Analytics

Silicus has achieved a Gold competency in Data Analytics as a Microsoft partner. This status reflects on Silicus considerable skills and certifications demonstrated and verified by customer references.

SQL Server Technology Expertise
SQL Server Technology Expertise

Our SQL expertise and skills span across SQL application development, data integration, data warehouse, and business intelligence including SQL analytics and SQL reporting. We support all SQL editions (including Azure SQL) for installation, upgrades, migration, high availability, disaster recovery, and administration.