About the Client

Client provides staffing solutions for Hospitals, Practices and Companies across US, such as, physicians, dentists, assistants, and nurses. The client brings in experience, resources, and scale to match talented locum tenens physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners with great healthcare facilities and practices across the United States in a wide variety of practice areas.

Business Challenge

Client internal intranet site meant for document management and collaboration was developed on WordPress. The portal was challenged with a legacy architecture and code for custom functionalities eg: search results were very slow due to inefficient functionality implementation.

Apart from the above, there were several other minor performance and functional enhancements, and UI improvements the client was keen to get completed in the new release.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus implemented custom functionality and performance improvements on top of the WordPress CMS, with changes implemented in PHP. Some of the key enhancements Silicus delivered included:

  • Simple, easy to use and navigation
  • Smooth and fast content delivery
  • Significant improvement in the site performance
  • Implementation of Advanced Search which includes keyword, attachment, entire content search; Auto correction and “most searched items” results on top
  • Job Search made easy - Graphical interface for searching jobs based on different filters and locations
  • Admin panel simplified with different search fields and caching mechanism

Silicus also implemented 3rd Party integrations for analytics and job feeds. A 3rd party database management tool, SQLyog tool was used with MySQL client database server for easy data migration from local to staging servers and production servers. Customized plugins were enabled without disturbing the core code structure of WordPress.

End user experience was enhanced with fast page loads built using Caching mechanisms, Browser Cache and Local Caching.

Technologies Used

Language JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Languages / Scripting


Content Management
Content Management




3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

Google Analytics, Bizible, and Adroll

Client Benefits

Improved Performance

New features such as elastic search and Dynamic caching mechanisms made the application run faster and better.

Faster Migration from Test to Staging to Production

Introduction of SQLyog automated the manual processes followed for data migration.

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