About the Client

The client is a non-government organization based in the United States that works to safeguard and restore natural ecosystems. Client’s main focus is to provide information on birds and their habitats, natural trails, bird watching trails to create an awareness among the population for conservation.

Business Challenge

The client intended to build a birding website and mobile app, where a bird watcher could access details about different area trails, available bird’s species and other related information. The website will have some core static content, however most of the content will be generated and updated by the website administrator. The administrator can enter bird sightings, dates, photographs etc.

The client’s specific requirement for developing the website included:

  • Separate web pages for all wildlife islands with detailed information
  • A map to show the island with a marker
  • A mobile App with real time inputs
  • A clear UI and UX design
  • Image gallery
  • Responsive Customize feedback form
  • Backend Login Credentials for content editing
  • Easy search navigation
  • Website

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a responsive and easily navigable website using WordPress for Content Management and front-end, powered by a MySQL database. The key reasons to use WordPress to develop the website included:

  • Lightweight with intuitive interface
  • Ready to use plugins for extended functionalities
  • Cost effective, and in line with the client’s budget

Admin module was added to manage the website and users, and administer access rights for different users. For example, the admin can decide if the user will have the authority to edit the website content or view it.

Silicus also developed Mobile App to complement the website with the following features:

  • Real time inputs
  • Portability on different mobile platforms
  • GPS integration to navigate to the island

RESTful web services was used for Mobile App to improve performance, support scalability and facilitate easy navigation.

A customized, PHP based feedback form was developed to include the fields required by the client. An advanced search functionality, coded in PHP, was added to the website to highlight the search keywords in the search results and within the searched URLs.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

PHP 5.5

Language ASP.NET MVC4

WordPress 4.1

Database SQL Server 2012

MySQL 5.6



Client Benefits

Enhanced Security

Silicus incisively used the security plugin and customized it to record the IP address of the users visiting the website. Thus, this helped the client to track the website visitors for enhanced security purposes.

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