About the Client

The client is the world's leading provider of SmartWell technology solutions for upstream Oil & Gas installations. The client's solutions include reservoir performance optimization, digital infrastructure management, oil & gas equipment monitoring systems for key parameters, fiber optic systems, and flow control.

Business Challenge

The client was looking for a solution that could monitor and track equipment, provide updates on working condition and wear and tear of equipment, and provide location related data for the various products that are installed as part of its solutions - control valves, down-hole gauges, power systems, pressure monitors etc. Data was formerly maintained in Excel spreadsheets, putting constraints on data sharing, ease of use and flexibility.

The client's requirements were quite unique, and they could not find an off-the-shelf solution to fit those requirements. The client partnered with Silicus to develop a custom software application.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus leveraged the Java technology stack to design and develop the equipment monitoring and tracking application. Given that a rudimentary product already existed in Microsoft Excel, functional requirements were fairly well identified.

Silicus worked with the client to capture functional requirements that were not well documented or not covered in the Excel sheets. Once the functional requirements were clear, Silicus developed a web-based architecture for the application with a high performance database using SQL Server. The application architecture had to be robust enough to support concurrent users across different locations and concurrent modification of the same data by different users. The application had a highly interactive and powerful admin module to allow for adding new components, new locations, new users etc.

The application was developed with a full-fledged reporting module that could generate custom and standard reports on the whereabouts, operating condition, maintenance schedule and replacement time-line for various pieces of equipment on field. This was an important module as it gave management and field engineers the level of reporting required to make quick and efficient decisions regarding equipment maintenance and replacement on oil & gas fields.

The following were the high level application features and functionality developed by Silicus:

  • Web-based software platform to enable easy access to remote users, utilizing HTTP protocol
  • The application could be accessed through a web browser (Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox)
  • The user could view various reports created and configured in the application using the Web Interface
  • The application generates reports for the migrated data using Crystal Reports
  • The application could port on a SuSE Linux machine on Tomcat server

Technologies Used


J2EE, Java Beans, JSP




SQL Server, JDBC (database connections)

Development Environment
Development Environment

Eclipse (IDE), Microsoft TFS

Web server
Web server

Apache Tomcat


Apache Struts based framework


Log4J (error tracking), Crystal (reporting)

Client Benefits

Improved Productivity And Collaboration

The application functionality and features developed enable efficient tracking and monitoring of equipment and parts.

The application allows for enhanced concurrent usage and collaboration between employees, which was not possible using Excel sheets.

Smarter Management Decision Making

The advanced reporting functionality developed by Silicus provides top management a better view on the business of the company, allowing them to make quick and improved decisions based on the reports.

Robust Architecture For Concurrent Data Manipulation

The robust application architecture designed by Silicus on the Java framework facilitates authorized users to concurrently update field equipment status from remote locations viewable by users across the network. This was a significant improvement for the client over Excel sheets where concurrent usage and collaboration was not previously possible.

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