About the Client

The client develops and sells software for the North American Office Business Center industry, offering a comprehensive collection of features to OBC clients around the world. The client’s software tracks sales information, invoicing, integrates with customer printers, fax, scanners, phone, and postage data to ensure more profits.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing multi-tenant application was developed in classic ASP using VB 2.0, hosted on SQL server 2003. The application had two interfaces for different user profiles: Super-admin and Customers.

Client faced following challenges:

  • No content management system (CMS) was installed, the client had to make even small changes (say, logo replacement) from the database for its customers
  • Dissatisfied with current payment gateway and wanted Silicus to integrate a new one
  • Wanted to implement digital signature service to its customers adding speed to their businesses
  • Faced performance and usability issues on the website
  • Current website wasn’t optimized for mobile and tablets
  • Application was hosted on SQL server 2003 and client wanted to upgrade to the latest version

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Silicus Solution

Silicus worked with the client to modernize the application, and develop the required feature enhancements:

  • Existing ASP 2.0 application was migrated to Microsoft.NET MVC 4.5
  • SQL server was upgraded from 2003 to 2012
  • Umbraco CMS was installed for content management, chosen for its open source and light-weight benefits. With its built-in content cache and dynamic cache for macros, website performance is improved
  • New payment gateway was integrated
  • RightSignature was integrated in client’s system to enable digital signatures
  • Silicus UX experts imparted a contemporary user interface to the application
  • A responsive website was developed using Bootstrap for mobile and tablets

Technologies Used

Language HTML5, C#


Frameworks & Libraries
Frameworks & Libraries

Microsoft.NET MVC 4.5, JQuery, Bootstrap

SQL 2012 (Database) and Windows 2012 (applications)

SQL 2012 (Database) and Windows 2012 (applications)

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integrations

Umbraco CMS, Stripe payment gateway, RightSignature

Client Benefits

Fresh and appealing UI

By adding new features & themes and making it responsive, Silicus reshaped the look and feel of client website to a more contemporary one

Performance boost

Rewriting client’s multi-tenant application in .NET MVC significantly improved application performance

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