About the Client

The client’s company started in Ottumwa, Iowa, in 2011 and is now the largest video game developer and publisher in the city. Since Ottumwa is officially known as the Video Game Capital of the World, this is no small achievement. Focused on mobile games, it specializes in producing high-voltage, over-the-top gaming experiences.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop a 3D game with multiplayer scenarios. One of the greatest development challenges was to get the animations right. They were looking for a company with strong graphics capabilities as well as end-to-end game development experience – from concept to prototype to the actual game build.  After meeting with several vendors, the client chose Silicus for its high-end mobile game development experience. 

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Silicus Solution

Silicus and the client have fully developed the first Triple-A rated video game to be produced in the Video Game Capital of the World. It is designed around a unique concept that combines playability aspects of Golf, Demolition, Bowling, and Dynamite Fishing, enticing players to shoot their balls across a wide assortment of quirky playing fields in the direction of the game’s star character. Silicus designed and developed the game with the following capabilities:

The game provides players with six different course options, and each course has nine chapters of increasing difficulty.

Players swipe the mobile device’s touchscreen to scroll between the different course boards. An optional tutorial course walks players through different elements of gameplay.

An innovative game menu gives players a real world feel with options to play in single or multi-player mode. A captivating menu screen on chapter selection allows players to select balls for game play.

A rewards and achievements system allows players to earn coins used to unlock subsequent chapters and purchase “power ups” or balls.

The actual 3D gameplay involves shooting a ball from a catapult using the touchscreen interface of the mobile device. A variety of humorous voiceovers and animation appear based on the player’s accuracy.

Technologies Used

Gaming Engine
Gaming Engine

Unity 3D

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Apple iOS

Client Benefits

End-To-End Development

Silicus managed the project completely from the concept phase to prototype development through to release. Silicus also coordinated the graphics development by working directly with a third-party vendor. The client was then free to focus on business development instead of project management.

Quick Turnaround Time

Stringent timelines were adhered to during game development. Silicus’ project management experience warranted that the time-to-market factor was not compromised.

Low-Cost Development

Silicus’ extensive experience in both video game and offshore development ensured that the client was able to develop the game at a significantly lower cost compared to other models of development.

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