About the Client

The client is a Florida based start-up with plans to build a cloud-based telemedicine and EMR platform aimed at helping physicians collaborate with colleagues and interact with patients to provide efficient, comprehensive care.

Business Challenge

The client wishes to retain the core IP and domain knowledge, and viewed the software development activities as non-core to its business interests. As such, they decided to outsource the development to a competent software service provider, preferably with Healthcare knowledge and expertise.

The secure telemedicine platform would include an EMR web and mobile application that connects patients and healthcare providers.

Silicus Solution

Silicus architected the telemedicine platform on the Microsoft.NET technology stack, with a responsive front-end design. The application was developed natively on the Azure PaaS cloud platform, leveraging the scalability, high availability and security features offered by Azure PaaS.

The application back-end was developed on the .NET platform incorporating native Azure PaaS features. The front-end web application was also developed in .NET, leveraging HTML5 and Bootstrap to make it responsive. Customer facing interfaces included the web application, as well as native mobile apps in iOS and Android variants. The native mobile apps integrated with the .NET backend to handle transactions.

Patients and providers can register themselves on the web or mobile application, and once authenticated, can start scheduling appointments. For providers, there is an extra level of credential verification before they are on-boarded in the application.

The platform allowed providers to configure available time slots, and patients to schedule appointments based on the available time slots. Once an appointment is scheduled, both the patient & provider receive the appointment notifications.

Patients can also use the “on-demand” e-visit functionality to consult with any available provider. The software platform triggers a workflow at the appointment time, prompting the patient to fill/update their medical history details, linked to the EMR. While in the e-waiting room, triaging is done by a staff member wherein the patient medical history & other details are validated and sent to the provider before the e-visit.

On the provider side of the portal, the platform allows providers to create encounter notes for each e-visit. They can prescribe medicines to patients through the E-Prescription Module, send lab orders and view lab results through the Lab Orders Module. The portal also allows providers to assign educational videos to patients based on their diagnoses. The platform allows healthcare providers to collaborate over video, and send & track patient referrals.

Reporting features included Average wait times, Patients per provider, Referrals, Patient satisfaction etc.

Silicus implemented a few third-party integrations to complete the development:

  • 3rd party high definition HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform for Videos & Chats
  • 3rd party Drug database and pharmacies for E-Prescription
  • Integration with two of the major labs in the US for Lab Orders
  • Integration with 3rd party vendor for educational videos

Silicus leveraged the tried and tested MS Visual Studio Team Services (TFS Online) product for version control, agile planning, continuous delivery, and application analytics.

The application was designed to be HIPAA compliant in the way data is stored, managed and shared.

Technologies Used

Programming Language
Programming Language

C# .NET, Objective C, Java

Development Platforms

Azure PaaS, Microsoft .NET Framework, Xcode 7, iOS 9 SDK, Android Studio, Android SDK


ASP. NET MVC, Web APIs, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3


MS SQL Azure


Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

TokBox Telemedicine API toolkit, SureScript Electronic Prescription, ICD Codes, Payment Gateway API

Client Benefits

Feature Packed Application

The solution drove cost efficiencies, ease of access to expert healthcare from a remote location. The platform presented a great user experience to patients and healthcare providers. The client was confident of making a viable and profitable business.

Modern Application Architecture & Deployment

Silicus architected the application to be natively developed on the Azure PaaS platform. This saved significant time and resources in ensuring the application was scalable, highly available and secure. It also ensured easier application maintenance since the hosting environment was backed by Microsoft SLA’s.

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