About the Client

Client is a leading law and government relations firm serving the oil and gas, power, financial services, technology, and public finance industries throughout the world.

Business Challenge

The client leveraged it vast database of case files, rulings, and documents as a reference for its new client engagements. This become a mission critical asset for the client.

The client’s database resided on SQL Server 2012. With a lot of business dependency on the database, there was a need to ensure its robustness and disaster preparedness. It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the new additions to the database, there were high chances of data crash instances.

Hence the client wanted to upgrade its database and strengthen it by implementing “Always on Availability” Groups available with SQL Server 2014.

Silicus Solution

Silicus migrated the existing data base instance to SQL Server 2014, implementing the latest SQL Server 2014 features - High-Availability and Disaster Recovery, and Always on Availability Groups.

Availability Groups provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring, if a database fails or a crash, the system automatically switches to secondary databases. Implementation was done as follows:

  • Database infrastructure evaluation and action plan creation to segment the database for even data load distribution
  • Upgrading existing SQL Server 2012 instances to SQL Server 2014
  • Setting up the Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC), a group of servers which work together to support availability of applications and help Availability Groups function better

The Database was distributed on different servers following industry standard best practices. Master Data Services was installed, which allowed front end data to be placed separately from the database, that is, on an application as container of that data. This was followed by migrating the web component, Report Manager modules of SQL Server Reporting Services to an application server.

Management Data Warehouse (MDW) was implemented, which is a performance reporting environment for SQL server. MDW helps maintain a powerful log on SQL Server operations, helps to troubleshoot to check when a particular query is taking up more resources than expected

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Transact-SQL (T-SQL), PowerShell


SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012

Client Benefits

Improved Performance

Migration to SQL Server 2014, and implementation of WFCS significantly improved database uptime and response time.

Better Database Management

Always on Availability Groups facilitated an automatic switch to a secondary database in the event of a crash, creating a resilient, and fault tolerant system. Management Data Warehouse and Report Manager helped improved server performance monitoring.

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