About the Client

The Client is a leading provider of enterprise system management software products. The Client’s software solutions span enterprise systems, network systems, applications, databases and service management.

Business Challenge

Through acquisitions and changing technology landscape, the client had a considerable portfolio of legacy products. These products had a significant install base and it was imperative to continue providing quality maintenance and support.

The Client established a Legacy Business Unit with the objective to:
  • Move non-strategic products from other business units that had low revenue potential, or had replacement strategies or were entering their sunset phase to the Legacy Business Unit (LBU).
  • Identify strategies to support customers through sunset and gradual withdrawal of support for these products
  • Operate the LBU by pursuing an active outsourcing strategy to keep support costs at a minimum
  • The client’s objective was to eliminate fixed costs to maintain and support these legacy software products, and outsource the maintenance and management to a reliable outsourcing partner. Additionally, the Client wanted the partner to provide a variable revenue sharing model (risk/rewards).

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Silicus Solution

Transfer of Software Maintenance & Support Responsibilities

Silicus established a Software Lab in Pune, India to coordinate with client operations in India.

Offshore software maintenance and support operations were started with a small portfolio of software products. After an efficient knowledge transfer, Silicus resolved all outstanding customer support issues including several critical cases.

The quality of services encouraged the client to outsource more legacy software products to the Silicus offshore team. The offshore software maintenance and support operations were process driven across several activities including providing bug fixes, developing product roadmaps,  delivering enhancement releases and upgrade paths, and finally withdrawal of product support.

Customer Support SLAs

Silicus offshore software maintenance engineers interacted with the software end users with help from the Client’s L1 support team, and:

  • Resolved all outstanding customer support issues including critical cases
  • Provided Level 3 Technical Support to end users
  • Completed enhancement releases,  patch and hot fix release and assisted in upgrades based on end-client requirements

Silicus’ software maintenance services delivered real and measurable business value for the client. The client was relieved of the fixed cost burden, and gained access to expertise and services in a variable revenue sharing model. Silicus and Client developed product roadmaps for each legacy product, and ensured high level of customer satisfaction.

At its peak, Silicus managed over 17 legacy software products for the Client.

Technologies Used


C, C++, Java, PSL (Patrol Scripting Language)


Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, SUN-Solaris, Windows,


SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase


CVS, Perforce, GDB, DBX, Q4

3rd Party Integrations

HP OpenView Operations, HP Network Node Manager, WebMethods, Lotus Domino, SAP, IBM Tivoli, HP Peregrine, CA eTrust





Client Benefits

Mitigate software engineering risks with reliable and predictable processes

The client was not too sure about the success of outsourcing its legacy software maintenance. Silicus addressed major risk areas upfront with sound software product engineering practices, ensuring end customer satisfaction at all times.

Access to Enterprise systems software expertise from a low cost location

Maintaining and managing the client’s portfolio of legacy software demanded expertise over diverse frameworks, platforms and 3rd-party systems management software, mentioned in the “Technologies Used” section above. Silicus assembled a team of experts for the work at hand, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Mature, process driven software services company for flexible, transparent and collaborative business model

A CMMi Level 3 organization with strong processes, Silicus ensured practices were in place to deliver on support SLAs, secure Client’s Intellectual Property and expand on the relationship with the client

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