Setting Up Software Labs for Unified IP Communications Company

Success Story.

Setting Up Software Labs for Unified IP Communications Company

About the Client

The Client is a leading developer of Unified Communications software products, providing users with innovative Unified Communications solutions that simplify how they connect, communicate and collaborate with their fellow employees, vendors, partners and customers. The client’s software solutions enhance collaboration by automating the interoperability between leading Directory, CRM, PBX, and SaaS applications–and the IP phones, PCs and mobile devices people use to communicate every day.

Business Challenge

The existing software was developed in house. To keep pace with changes in its industry, the client planned several enhancements and new software version releases that could integrate with more 3rd party hardware and software. The new software releases would also include enhancements in caching, administration etc of the software product. The client’s long term plan was to concentrate software product R&D at its US facility, while moving software maintenance, support and enhancement activities offshore.

The client had an aggressive software version release time line, and sought a mature and reliable offshore software technology partner for software maintenance, support and enhancements.

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Silicus Solution

Given the extensive 3rd party hardware and software systems that the client’s product would integrate into, any new software feature additions or enhancements required rigorous QA / testing before release.

The client’s software product enhancement requirements were driven by end customer preferences. Consequently, turnaround times on these usually small projects were extremely critical. The offshore team was geared to respond to customization requests where deliverables were expected within a week.

To improve on predictability of deliverables for such small but critical projects, Silicus offshore software maintenance and support team conceptualized a process similar to Feature Driven Development methodology.

New Software Development
  • Developed and integrated the software developers network forum feature into the existing software product
  • Integrations for Enhanced Functionality
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • LDAP, Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Software licensing utility ported from Java to the Microsoft.NET platform
Software Enhancements
  • Allow users to control their phones from a PC to communicate and access other web applications through their desk and mobile phones

Single view from multiple directories:

  • Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SQL– based directories, CRM directories, LDAP & Open–LDAP directories
  • Smart and predictive search capabilities for finding contacts faster and more efficiently
  • One touch functionality for users to join or create WebEx meetings
  • Ability for users to set up meetings with contacts directly from their address book
  • Ability to automatically launch a WebEx meeting and dial users into the meeting through the user's phone
  • Ability to dial from e–mail, browsers, instant messenger clients (like Office Communicator), and phones
  • Ability for users to send text, image, audio, RSS, live voice, and survey broadcasts to phones

Technologies Used





Web Server
Web Server


3rd Party Integrations

Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Salesforce, Cisco Call Manager

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Tools

ComponentArt (data grids)


Smart client using HTTP and SIP

Client Benefits

Integrations with diverse hardware and software

Silicus expertise on the Microsoft.NET platform ensured that a quick and smooth integration of 3rd party software and hardware components was effected, without adversely impacting the stability of the entire software product

Reliable maintenance partner

The engagement with Silicus enabled the client to re-deploy its software product experts and engineers in developing the next generation software product. Silicus became the execution partner of choice to provide upgrades and enhancements to suit existing customer requirements.

Quick turnarounds to cater to end user needs

Silicus conceptualized and implemented a methodology that could handle quick turnaround projects for the client

The team comprised only experienced software professionals to address the development requests made by the client

The team worked through aggressive time lines with turn around times as short as 8-10 hours in effecting enhancement and upgrades to the software product

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