About the Client

The client is a provider of operations management software for small to mid-size ground transportation companies. The client’s flagship software is an advanced automated reservation management system capable of handling thousands of reservations per day.

Business Challenge

In order to play well in its business, the client’s software needed to integrate with several 3rd party accounting, payment, GPS based mapping and flight update software. Besides, some of the bigger end customers used specific software packages that mandated the client to create integrations for these packages.

Silicus had worked with the client to develop the original software, and was contracted to develop the data adapters and integrations to each 3rd party software package.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus effected the software integrations with minimal changes to the software architecture. Each software integration was treated as a sub-project with requirements, design, development, and testing and release cycles. The following were the software integration sub-projects executed and delivered by Silicus:

QuickBooks Integration (from Intuit)

QuickBooks is accounting software for small businesses. The client wanted to integrate the reservation and payroll modules of their software with QuickBooks. Silicus used the QuickBooks SDK 7.0 to invoke QuickBook functions and send data to QuickBooks. Silicus used the QuickBooks Foundation Class (QBFC) Library API, which makes it easier for parsing the qbXML content as the developer can specify the data in terms of parameter/value pairs within COM methods. The integration exercise made use of programming standards such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language), the C# programming language, COM (Component Object Model), and HTTPS (for communication over the Internet).

This provided the ability to synchronize data from the client’s software into QuickBooks transferring payments, invoices and drivers pay.

FleetBook Integration

FleetBook software automates the manual processes associated with farming business to affiliate providers. It is collaboration software where limousine rental and hiring companies can share their booking status for sharing orders. The FleetBook software assigns an ID to each service provider, using which, they can farm out reservations.

Silicus integrated the FleetBook software with the reservation portal. This was accomplished by serializing XML data while receiving and de-serializing the data while sending. Within the client application, FleetBook is a button within the reservation portal that allows fleet owners to farm out. By clicking on the button, the software works at the back-end, farming out the business to suitable affiliates.

GGA TranspoNet Integration

GT3, now Global Ground Automation provides software that automates and simplifies the ground transportation reservation process for corporations, travel managers, and car service providers. Several users of the client’s software were also using GGA software, and wanted integration between the two packages.

The end customers wanted to use GGA as an interface to access and retrieve reservation information from the client software. Silicus accomplished this by using the GGA software web services.

The integration enabled automatic receiving of reservations directly into the software system through GGA.

ADP Payroll Integration

The client required integration of its software with ADP payroll software, following the Department of Labor mandate for drivers to view pay roll information online. This was in response to fleet owners using the client’s software.

Silicus developed functionality for users to create an XLS file and import it into the ADP website.

This allowed users to upload employee/driver payroll to ADP making the payroll process seamless.

Payment Gateway Integration

The client wanted to integrate it’s software with the eProcessing Network Payment Gateway. To achieve this, Silicus used the eProcessingNetwork Transparent Database Engine Template developed by eProcessing Network.

The eProcessingNetwork Transparent Database Engine Template allows merchants to process transactions from their web page without actually flipping the customer over to a page on the eProcessingNetwork server.

Silicus used the eProcessing Network API and custom code to securely collect and save all customer, order, shipping and credit card information, to POST the transaction processing request to eProcessingNetwork, and to parse the response returned by eProcessingNetwork for the status of each processed transaction.

FlightView Integration

FlightView provides accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industry. The client wanted to integrate with FlightView for providing real time flight information to end users.

Silicus developers created an adapter that used the POST method to submit flight status queries to the FlightView database, which in turn would provide the output in XML format.

Integration with Microsoft MapPoint and Teletrac

Microsoft MapPoint is mapping software that allows integrating and using maps in 3rd party software. Teletrac’s GPS based software helps route drivers more efficiently to complete more service calls per day and reduce fuel cost. Using MapPoint SDK and Teletrac, Silicus developed a route planning tool that gives the shortest distance between two locations. The tool integrated into the reservation module within the client’s software.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C#, ASP.NET, .NET 3.5

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2008

Client Benefits

  • Extended the product functionality and value to users
  • Greater product acceptance among end users
  • Cost effective 3rd party software integration

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