Facebook, Payments & SMS Service Integrations with Dating Site

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Facebook, Payments & SMS Service Integrations with Dating Site

About the Client

The client is dating Services Company primarily operating along the US East Coast. The client’s dating services are well supported by state-of-the art software infrastructure and systems.

Business Challenge

The client operated a website that was used to attract patrons for the client’s dating services. In an effort to further expand its reach and ability to target customers, the client wanted to integrate several 3rd party technologies within its website. The 3rd party software integrations required by the client included:

  • Facebook integration for expanding on target audience
  • Authorize.net integration for payment processing
  • Clickatell integration for sending bulk SMS’s to target audience

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Silicus Solution

Facebook Integration

Silicus Facebook developers used the Facebook API’s for integrating the client’s website. Integrations were developed for:

  • Facebook website registration through FBConnect
  • Login using Facebook authentication through Facebook API in configuration file
  • Retrieve Facebook profile details of the user (DoB, Photo, Gender, Location, etc.) with the user’s permission and populate the website’s user subscription profile
  • Integrate the Facebook friend list of user’s with the dating website and send invitations to friends from the website on behalf of the user
  • Create events on the website that are automatically pushed onto Facebook
  • Use of “Like” and “Comment” tabs on website that get automatically posted on Facebook
  • Facebook chatting
Authorize.net Integration/Implementation

Authorize.net is a payment gateway that enables internet merchants to accept online payments via credit card and e-check. Silicus payment gateway integration experts used the CIM approach to integrate Authorize.net with the client’s website. Authorize.net integration process was as follows:

  • Website account is created with Authorize.net which in turn provides an AppID for the website
  • Using CIM, the customer is verified based on the address given and this is associated with the transaction ID
  • The customer ID and transaction ID are saved for future actions – roll backs, refunds, etc.
  • The charge on the credit card is first blocked for 7 days, and is debited only after that
Clickatell Integration/Implementation

Clickatell is a leading SMS messaging provider offering simple and reliable SMS gateway connectivity over several networks, and across several countries. Clickatell integration process was as follows:

  • The client’s software application is registered with Clickatell and in turn generates a Customer ID
  • Using Clickatell API’s, the customer ID is passed, along with the message body and mobile number of recipients
  • Silicus created a module within the admin portal of the application that enabled the client to specify the message and recipients through a simple button click
  • Clickatell supported the client across all mobile network service providers in the client’s geographic area of operation

Technologies Used


ASP.NET 3.5, C#


SQL Server 2005

Third Party
3rd Party Integrations

Facebook, Authorize.net, Clickatell


Crystal Reports

Client Benefits

Wider Reach Of Target Customers

By integrating with Facebook, Silicus helped the client reach out to a wider audience by leveraging the immense social networking potential of Facebook to drive its dating services business. Integrating with Facebook also allowed existing users to better manage their subscription accounts.

Reduced Costs Of Communication Over Mobile

Silicus integrated the application with Clickatell SMS gateway, allowing the customer to send dating service updates faster and more cost effectively to the target audience.

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