VB to .NET Migration of Insurance Settlement Application

Success Story.

VB to .NET Migration of Insurance Settlement Application

About the Client

The client is an insurance service provide based in the US, offering insurance services to individuals and families.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing “Settlement Application” managed the insurance claims and settlements, integrating with a database of the insured individuals and their family. The application used different algorithms to calculate and approve settlement amounts depending upon the claim details

The original application was developed in VB 6.0 with a Microsoft Access backend, and encountered limitations such as:

  • Performance & Compatibility
  • Database issues
  • Non-portability

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Silicus Solution

The team who developed the original application wasn’t around anymore, so there was no technical help or documentation for Silicus development team to refer and understand the workflow. The team reverse engineered the existing source code to understand functional and technical flow, and then created a plan to migrate the code from VB to VB.NET and the database from MS Access to SQL Express.

As part of the modernization, the team implemented the following contemporary features:

  • Robust, Stable and secure application development
  • Enhanced Code manageability with quick error and exception handling
  • Role Based Application Security
  • Manage database systems with minimal code
  • Retrieve large amounts of records from a database quickly and efficiently
  • Ease of linking front end computers and back-end databases, thus enabling client-server architecture

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Express Edition 2008


Visual Studio 2013

Client Benefits

Improved Performance

The use of latest technologies i.e. VB.NET and SQL Server Express improved the overall performance of the settlement application by eliminating the portability, memory space and compatibility issues faced earlier.

Technology Compatibility & Easy Upgradation

Moving to .NET and SQL Express ensured compatibility with the larger editions of SQL Server, facilitating down the line enhancements by just having to upgrade to any of the latest editions.

Accelerated Product Development

Silicus' proven development methodologies, strong coding standards and comprehensive documentation achieved a high-quality application delivered at an accelerated rate. The platform also ensured that future updates and features could be easily added.

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