Patient Management System Development for Healthcare Provider

Success Story.

Patient Management System Development for Healthcare Provider

About the Client

Founded in 2010 by four founding partners, the client specializes in inpatient care and also helps hospitals reach their goals in patient safety, coordinated care and cost effectiveness. The client works towards bringing value to hospitals by shortening the stay duration and keeping the environment physician-friendly.

Business Challenge

The Client previously handled the “Patient Encounters” manually i.e. the records of patient’s registered, patient assignments to physicians, physician location assignment details, patient billing status etc. Physicians tracked patient follow–up reports with each of their patients manually. Information about the different branches of the hospital was scattered.

As the business expanded, the client decided to digitize the patient management process to avoid challenges in data mismanagement and inefficient workflow.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a Web Portal for “Patients Management System” using .NET MVC3 Technology.

Silicus created a Windows Service in C# for reading the Patient Schedule from Excel Files from FTP Locations.

The Web Portal has the three main modules:

  • Patient Encounters Module
    This module gives details about the physicians assgined to patients, patient diagnosis, the location of patient admission and CPT code.
  • Assigned Physicians to Patients Module
    In this module, an Admin can assign patients to physicians based on availability and the suitable locations.
  • My Assigned Patients Module
    In this module, the physician can see the list of patients assigned to him with the option to print the same.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2008

Language ASP.NET MVC4





Visual Studio 2013

Client Benefits

Improved Productivity

Patient and physician information across multiple locations was made available easily and in less time through the portal thereby increasing overall throughput.

Reduced Operations Costs

Reduced direct human labor costs to gather data manually, and also cost of maintaining paper documents was significantly reduced. The web portal reduced manual efforts needed to input patient details on paper.

Centralized Information Repository

Information about locations, patient admissions, physicians assigned, follow-up details, billing details etc were made available at one central location.

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