About the Client

Founded in 1988 as an Integrated Insurance Services business, Client provides innovative, comprehensive and competitive employee benefits solutions that are customized, implemented and managed for employees and their dependents. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the client has become a leader and a true innovator in outsourcing insurance solutions for companies throughout the United States.

Business Challenge

Existing client management process used manual paper forms, Excel sheets, PDF and Word documents, which was handled by the client’s employees for managing their insurance plans and client base.

All client records were entered and maintained in Excel and Word documents.

The central repository of employees, carriers, plans, clients and project were not available and all the processes were driven manually.

As the business expanded, the client decided to automate the document management process for better productivity and transaction efficiency.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus was engaged in developing and implementing web portal for automating the business processes, thereby helping the client to strategically manage their business activities.

The following modules and features were provided in the web portal:

  • Administrator interface, wherein user management, groups, master data maintenance, tasks, key milestones & privileges were set and configured by the admin
  • Document Repository was created for maintaining the entire documents of the client on an annual basis, which can be customized
  • Carrier setup, wherein insurance carriers were added, updated and maintained by client’s customers
  • For each of its end user, the portal provides an ability to add and maintain division details
  • Web Portal provides an ability to the Client to Compare Benefit plans in order to suggest the best plan for their customers
  • The Case history was recorded and maintained, against different activities performed for each customers
  • Detailed Management reports were created using Microsoft RDLC reporting tool
  • A dashboard created using Microsoft.NET MVC4 gave detailed summary about clients, projects, benefits details, key milestones and associated tasks

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C#, JQuery

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft .NET MVC4

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL server 2012


Visual Studio 2013


MS RDLC Reporting Tool

Client Benefits

Automated & Optimized Business Processes

The client was able to optimize and automate their business processes so that they could effectively manage their employees profile, maintain database of carriers, insurance plans, clients and also manage client wise divisions, project plans, projects, benefits, compare plans and case history details.

Increased Productivity

Streamlining of business processes reduced the gaps and turnaround time between the processes leading to an increase in efficiency and overall productivity. The web portal facilitated department wide employee collaboration, thereby increasing client’s management efficiency.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The entire business of the client revolves around their customers and insurance plans, so with the use of web portal, the serviceability and performance is increased, leading to better customer satisfaction.

One Click Reports

The web portal helped employees to generate and view plan comparison and different management level reports which can further be exported to Excel and PDF files on a single click.

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