SharePoint-QuickBooks Integration for Report View & Analysis

Success Story.

SharePoint-QuickBooks Integration for Report View & Analysis

About the Client

The client operates an online portal that offers individuals, families and businesses access to quality dental care and save money in the process. The client’s website is a leader in Discount Dental Plans, driven through a convenient and easy-to-use website designed to empower consumers by allowing them to compare their Discount Dental Plan options and enjoy quick plan activation.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to use SharePoint as a single tool for report viewing and analysis. This involved pulling data and reports from QuickBooks and displaying the data within SharePoint. The client was looking for a reliable service provider who could help them accomplish this.

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QuickBooks API’s

The team used the QuickBooks API to create a web service that would extract the necessary data and reports from QuickBooks and push it towards the SharePoint instance. For a report requested from SharePoint, the web service would call the Quick API that would invoke the report, parse it, capture the required elements within the report, and pass it to SharePoint where it would be displayed for users.

Report generation from QuickBooks

The team created five custom reports that were extracted from QuickBooks. These reports would contain financial data including profits, revenues, and forecasts for the future.

64-bit SharePoint server and 32-bit QuickBooks application Challenges

The team faced challenges in integrating the 32-bit QuickBooks application with the 64-bit SharePoint server. The SharePoint server was unable to invoke the 32-bit application using the 64-bit process. The team resolved this issue by removing all the logic created in SharePoint and putting it in a specially created web service. This web service was hosted in a 32-bit environment and was able to invoke the 32-bit QuickBooks application.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)

MS SharePoint, QuickBooks

Client Benefits

Easier and More Efficient Operations

Integrating SharePoint and QuickBooks allowed the top management to assess and analyze reports from within their SharePoint dashboards without having to open two different applications. This facilitated faster access to information and faster decision making.

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