SharePoint Online Portal Customization for Consulting Company

Success Story.

SharePoint Online Portal Customization for Consulting Company

About the Client

The client is a thought leader in capital project strategy and risk management, combining deep technical and execution experience with proprietary methodologies to provide an expert, independent view of a project’s predictability, and risk exposure.

The client works on large, complex engineering and construction projects that carry significant risk to the financial stakeholders. These are typically in the oil & gas, renewable and alternative energy, mining & minerals, and chemical manufacturing industries, and often in difficult international locations.

Business Challenge

The client maintained a set of SharePoint sites for different target audience or user groups. These SharePoint sites were hosted on Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard (BPOS) suite within Microsoft’s dedicated hosting environment. Access to each of these user groups was governed through a set of terms and conditions that had to be accepted by the user before gaining access. Each user group had a different terms and conditions document. The client wanted to have an automated system within its SharePoint environment that would present the appropriate terms and conditions document to the user for acceptance.

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Microsoft Online and BPOS restrictions on SharePoint Customization

The team faced challenges in customization SharePoint that was hosted on Microsoft Online BPOS site. This was overcome by adhering to the restrictions and make changes to SharePoint accordingly.

Java Script pop-up for Terms and Conditions

The team created a one-to-one mapping between users and the user groups they belonged to, and between user groups and the corresponding terms and conditions that they needed to comply with. Based on this, the team created a Java Script pop-up that would open when credentials have been entered. The pop-up was developed using Java Script and ECMAScript, used along with Java Script for client-side scripting on the web.

Technologies Used


MS SharePoint


Java Script, ECMAScript

Client Benefits

More Efficient Operations

Automating the terms and conditions presentation streamlined the entire process of accessing the client’s online SharePoint portals.

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