About the Client

The client offers professional funeral and memorialization services with a mission to offer comfort and care to the deceased family. The client is an industry leader in memorializing the deceased and their legacies and honoring their living ones.

The client offers its services across 75+ locations in the USA, and manages some of the best cemetery, funeral, memorialization and cremation locations in USA.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a community interaction portal for a specific category of individuals who share a common interest or profession. The client approached Silicus to implement a SharePoint online based portal with the following specific requirements:

  • Separate site for the community interaction, however this will be a part of the client’s larger SharePoint portal
  • UX rich widgets for content management with Google maps/location pointers, and picture library
  • Easy upload of documents and mp4 format videos
  • Display banner for various Awards won by individually, enabling the content loop scroll feature for the same

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed an Intranet portal on SharePoint Online encompassing all the features envisioned by the client. The components were designed using JavaScript along with ECMA script, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap and HTML. The key reason Silicus used JavaScript are:

  • Its implementation is on client side, which results in lesser bandwidth strain on web server. Also, code execution results are generated instantly on the user computer
  • It allows third party add-ons to use snippets on the web pages

Bootstrap Responsive technology was leveraged for ease of use on smart phones. A picture library was created with the SharePoint image rendition feature for resizing images to fit them in the component. Some of the features of the picture library included Flipping windows 8 tiles, Image Carousal with scrolling and Easy Next/Previous snippet.

As per the client request, pointer locations on a map was added to pinpoint important locations where community members are based, or want to highlight for certain reasons. This was done using CSS and JQuery.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

SharePoint Online


SharePoint Designer


JQuery, JavaScript, ECMA Script, CSS and HTML

Client Benefits

Rich User Experience

The web page designed by Silicus imparted an interactive and intuitive user experience. Different snippets used on the web page that made it highly navigable with lesser load time.

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