About the Client

The client is the US subsidiary of a global energy company which engages in exploration, development, production, and sale of crude oil, natural gas, and other mineral resources.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to have an internal portal to be deployed as an effective communication and collaboration platform for the workforce. They were looking to increase the adoption of the intranet for sharing information within the organization and enabling online workflows. SharePoint 2010 was proposed as the platform to deliver a much more powerful user experience for internal collaboration and employee services.

The client’s current intranet was not widely used and they had concerns over the adoption of the new SharePoint intranet and if it can deliver on all their internal needs. They wanted a service provider who would also drive end user adoption by playing a SharePoint evangelist role by ensuring proper training and support. The vendor would need to streamline the client’s vision by guiding the client’s IT team with content and migration strategies while ensuring implementation of the solution.

The client’s vision for the intranet was to create a dashboard from where users could perform certain administrative tasks and HR could deliver employee services online. The intranet would also include internal department sites to share content. Silicus was engaged to design and develop the client’s SharePoint 2010 intranet along with the following components:

  • SharePoint intranet information architecture and taxonomy design
  • Design and build of HR portal within the intranet
  • Content templates and layouts for department sites
  • Employee Dashboard to enable business tasks
  • Online Form to complete business travel approval (BTA) process

The scope of the project would include building, testing and deploying the SharePoint solution along with documentation and training manuals.

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Silicus Solution

The Silicus development team adopted a feature based approach to solution development since this approach was suitable to cater to client requirements and this architecture would make it easier to continuously improve the intranet features going forward. The project was divided into the following phases to complete the live launch of the intranet within the specified timeframe:

  • Build phase:
    • SharePoint Information Architecture
    • Branding and User Experience Design
    • Implementation of Communication and Search functionality
    • Unit & Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing and Bug Fixing
  • Site Administration Documentation and User Manuals
  • Production release and Technical Support.
  • Go Live

The design and development of the intranet solution involved the following activities:

  • Design of information architecture consisting of
    • Navigation and site hierarchy
    • Metadata and taxonomy for content
    • Content types for various categories of information
  • Development Intranet home page and HR home page
    • Graphic Designing of two branded prototypes each for the intranet home page and HR home page
    • Development and deployment of the approved prototypes
  • Design and development of 5-page layout templates for the content pages
  • Development of the features on Intranet portal included:
    • News and Announcements section
    • Spotlight section
    • Surveys/Polling functionality
  • Development of features of the HR portal included:
    • Policies and procedures document repository
    • Calendar feature for Employee birthday & Anniversary
    • Upcoming Training Events
    • Employee handbook

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4



SQL Server 2008 R2


.Net Framework 3.5/4.0


Microsoft SharePoint

Web Technologies
Web technologies

HTML 4.0, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS 2.0

Development Enviornment

Windows Server 2008 R2, SharePoint Server 2010, TFS

Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

SharePoint Designer 2010

Client Benefits


The client achieved its goal of process automaton for important business processes that were earlier time consuming and resource heavy. The travel authorization process which normally took one week to complete was reduced to an easy online process that could be completed in minutes. The travel authorization process also automated the calculation of per diem payments for employees during the travel period.


Online delivery of Employee Services was achieved through the Silicus developed HR portal. The client could deliver important services to its workforce through this solution such as employee on boarding, online forms for availing health benefits and forms for tax details for payroll processing


The employees of the client now have a robust and secure platform to share and disseminate information and collaborate on work projects. Silicus ensured that the intranet portal is functional and designed to cater to the specific collaboration needs of the client.

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