About the Client

Founded in 1985, the client is one of the leading independent Right of Way consultants in North America. The client’s services include Right of Way acquisition, training, staffing, and land and real estate administration services. The client’s solutions represent the most comprehensive land records management, tracking, and GIS digital mapping software solutions in the industry.The Client serves customers in pipeline, utility, electric transmission, transportation, rail, public sector, solar and wind generation, and telecommunications industries in the U.S and Canada.

Aided with powerful web-based GIS-enabled solutions, the client successfully provides highest quality of service as consultants for Land Management.

Business Challenge

For the Client Document management is not just about documents, it’s about collaborations between organizations and its employees.

The Client being a Land and Real Estate Consultant had to maintain lots of contractual documents which needed be easily searched, shared, sorted, edited and securely maintained. The client needed a document management system that could help their business to increase productivity, save time, operate in multiple locations, meet compliance requirements, reclaim office space and solve a wide range of business problems.

The Client followed an obsolete document management process due to which they faced the following challenges:

  • Poor document version control
  • No Archival of documents
  • No Document security and control
  • No Consistent Data
  • Minimal collaboration between stakeholders
  • Lack of Dashboard view of all active Projects
  • Insufficient document retrieval and discovery

The Client was looking to move to an improved software solution that could fulfill their Document Management needs.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus helped the client by implementing an intranet portal, based on SharePoint 2013 for Document Management.

The intranet portal provided the following features:

  • Provisioning of Departments and Projects site
  • Browsing and uploading files
  • Proper backups and archival of documents
  • Managing documents and metadata
  • Managing and tracking tasks
  • Improved Dashboard and reports

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

JavaScript, JQuery 10.1, Asp.NET

Language ASP.NET MVC4

SharePoint 2013

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server


Visual Studio 2012

Client Benefits

Increased Productivity

Increased work productivity by reducing the time spent searching for documents. Even if the document is moved, you can still find it, because SharePoint documents are accessed through a URL that doesn’t contain location-specific details.

Saves Time

Automated the process of creating “Project and Department sites” for a new engagement, through templatization i.e. client can create new project sites by using the existing template hence reducing the time to create engagement specific Home Page, Home Page components, and it’s branding from scratch.

Version Control

Easily track and find the documents where multiple versions are created, since each version has a unique ID. This prevents the wrong version of a document being retrieved and modified, as well as documents with the same file name being overwritten and lost forever.

Automated Review Process

The SharePoint workflow feature automates the document review process, which reduces time to check on review status, and the progress of the document through the approval chain.

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