About the Client

The client provides multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering services such as geotechnical and environmental consulting, construction materials testing, and inspection services. The client’s expertise spans environmental sciences, earth sciences, soil testing services and site/property evaluations.

Business Challenge

The client’s intranet portal was developed in SharePoint 2007, while Dynamics SL was used as a CRM, Project Management & Accounting platform. These platforms weren’t integrated with each other, creating a manual intervention to move project reports and related documents from one portal to the other. The existing SharePoint 2007 instance did not support Dynamics SL integration as well as other advanced enhancements the client wanted the portal to support.

The client approached Silicus to upgrade the SharePoint 2007 instance to SharePoint 2013, with development and implementation from scratch. The new portal would support advanced functionalities, besides integration with Dynamics SL.

The following new features were added, these were not supported in SharePoint 2007:

  • Digital signature feature for reports
  • A fully responsive website for mobile portability
  • Automated report notification and report distribution to the project staff
  • A project map feature to show the client’s project locations

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Silicus Solution

Silicus implemented the intranet portal on SharePoint 2013, integrating it with Dynamic SL using REST API’s. This enabled seamless data flow between the two applications, reducing the need for manual work.

Using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap technology the website was made fully responsive. The field investigator can enter project related data such as staff details, project manager name, project execution details etc. from the project location using a smart phone or a tablet and generate the report in real time. A third party component - NReco was integrated within the application for report generation in PDF’s. NReco helped reduce development time by providing a plug and play component.

Feature specific customizations such as automated report generation and distribution were developed in .NET.

As per client’s requirement, a digital signature feature was added using JQuery. This can be used by the field investigator to sign the report using a tablet or Smartphone.

Integrating Google Maps API, a project map was developed to show the client’s project location. Every location pointer on the map is highlighted using two colors; Green for open projects and Red for closed projects. Upon clicking the location pointers, the map displays all the project details such as start date, number of employees, project manager and other related information.

Technologies Used

Language JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Languages / Scripting

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


.NET, SharePoint 2013


SQL server 2012 R2


Visual studio 2013

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

NReco Pdf generator, Google Maps API, jQuery UI Signature

Client Benefits

Improved Operational Efficiency

SharePoint Intranet portal integration with Dynamics SL CRM created a single backend database, reducing manual efforts and improving productivity.

Secure Report Transfer

Use of digital signature facilitated authentication of reports through encryption, thereby making the report transfer more secure.

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