Software UI Modernization using Infragistics .NET controls

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Software UI Modernization using Infragistics .NET controls

About the Client

The Client is a leader in the development of real-time monitoring, auditing and computer forensics technologies for Windows and Novell networks. Its flagship software product is used to secure the assets of the world’s largest corporations, banks, and government agencies, educational and healthcare institutions.

Business Challenge

The client was considering options to upgrade the user interface of its software product to improve user experience. The current look and feel developed using in-built .NET controls and components did not have the rich look and crisp finish available in contemporary software products.

Silicus had an existing relationship with the client, and was tasked with the objective of developing a contemporary software user interface to enhance end user experience.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus User Interface Design specialists analyzed the software architecture, client requirements, and recommended the use of 3rd party controls and components instead of using existing .NET in-built controls or developing new controls and components from scratch. The reasons for this were:

  • .NET controls and components do not give the rich, elegant look and feel to the software. Dual tone color effects were not available in normal Windows controls and components
  • Developing controls and components from scratch was expensive and time consuming

Silicus evaluated several 3rd party .NET controls and components and selected the Infragistics .NET controls package. The evaluation process included a “Proof of Concept” study with a demo version of the product in the existing development environment – Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Framework.

Infragistics was selected for the following reasons:

  • Compatible with all major browsers and OS
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Easy packaging for software distribution
  • Well suited for Agile development methodology

Infragistics “NetAdvantage Win client Windows Forms” was selected for developing the UI and visual aspects of the software. Infragistics wizard and Visual Studio Infragistics plug-in were easy to use and helped speed up the UI redesign. Amongst several components, WinGrid was used the most for its flexibility and support for bound and un-bound data display.

Silicus Microsoft.NET experts used WinGrid and modified certain properties within to support complex data entry scenarios, custom layouts, rich printing and print preview, Microsoft Excel interaction and implement multiple refreshing look and feel options.

For MS Excel report exports, the team used the Infragistics. Excel component which exports row data, headers, and summaries from WinGrid to a binary-compatible Excel spreadsheet that can be opened by Excel 97 or later. The export tasks were quick and without overheads, as the export to Excel engine does not have dependencies on Excel or Microsoft Office. Using Infragistics controls and writing custom code wherever necessary, the team quickly developed a feature rich software product with enhanced and elegant user interface.

Technologies Used




Microsoft.NET 3.5

Controls Package
Controls Package

Infragistics NetAdvantage win client Windows Forms

Client Benefits

Minimized time to market

By recommending the use of 3rd party .NET controls at an early stage, Silicus delivered a best-fit solution with a highly appealing user interface that exactly addressed client requirements. Use of Infragistics controls reduced development time by up to 50% through automatic generation of complete style sets, versatility and flexibility of using components within the package.

User Interface design expertise from a low cost location

Silicus Microsoft.NET and user interface design experts leveraged Infragistics to deliver a look and feel that was appealing, user friendly and refreshing. This was achieved by .NET software development experts from a low cost location.

Robust, consistent and scalable UI design

The Infragistics solution offered a high degree of consistency across screens and enhanced application performance. The ability to easily integrate additional controls, components without having to worry about compatibility and standardization issues was another advantage.

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