SaaS Enablement for School Management Software ISV

Success Story.

SaaS Enablement for School Management Software ISV

About the Client

Client has long been enabling schools across Phoenix, USA to automate functions such as, administration, attendance, report-creation, record-tracking, and more through a SaaS based software offering.

Business Challenge

Along with the SaaS based school management software, client was offering solutions such as biometric attendance. However, the biometric solution was enabled via outdated desktop-based applications that restricted its use to a few desktops. The client was looking at a solution that could enable biometric data integration with the SaaS platform for data access anywhere over a web browser.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus primarily worked on three different modules:

  • Student Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Public Website

Main features Silicus incorporated included:

  • Software upgrade: Microsoft.NET 2.0 was replaced by version 4.5 and SQL server 2005 by version 2012
  • Centralized data-management: Silicus architected a solution for more efficient data and load balancing from different schools, with a web-based application (replacing desktop ones), and by centralizing entire data to facilitate one-click options
  • Communication Tool: Silicus ideated this to automatically sync data from old software to a new one, whenever some school wanted to abandon old software for new. Also, if a student pursued courses from client’s different customer schools, his data got conveniently synced
  • Bulk Import: importing of bulk data from a school’s excel sheets got possible
  • Robust dashboard: admin and students could login to their respective dashboards which had compelling tool-parts, such as, Notifications, Student Scheduler, and School Calendar
  • Multi-tenant Student Portal: Silicus made a common Student-Portal which could be accessed through students of different schools with their respective logins. Client also managed all of them on one platform
  • Real-time attendance upload: earlier, to be viewed, attendance data from client’s old biometric was first synced with desktop-application. Silicus gave sync-support to the upgraded device, ZKTeco S900, in a way that data was not only available for pen-drives but the moment it was captured, it got integrated in the centralized server
  • Roll-call screen: status of students’ check-ins/outs got tracked
  • Dynamic reporting: schools could design their own reports as per their specific requirements via RDLC
  • Client access to Holiday Themes: Silicus managed the client website but let client customize its own themes
  • Enhanced UI: Silicus used Kendo UI tools to customize grades and event schedulers for better visual representation
  • Mobile-friendly: Silicus made client’s SaaS mobile-friendly through responsive UI

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C# 3.5, HTML5


Microsoft.NET 4.5 and MVC (design)

Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2012 and Entity framework 5

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Kendo UI


Visual Studio 2012

Client Benefits

Less manual effort

With one-click options and communication tool, client could simultaneously offer SaaS to different schools faster and efficiently

Increased customer-base

Client could accommodate more customers in its SaaS model with features such as, bulk-import and multi-tenant student portal More customers in client’s new SaaS model could be accommodated with bulk-import, multi-tenant student portal, etc.

Cost Effectiveness

Automated solutions helped client with decreased paper-work, phone-calls, and even staffing

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