About the Client

The Client is a leading trucking BI service provider, with a massive database of trucking information collected over 25 years. This includes details on types of trucks, their drivers, accidents or other history, truck brands, equipment manufacturers, and other related aspects. This data is stored in a data warehouse and is provided to a variety of customers for both strategic planning and tactical execution via search filters as per the need. The Client has a long-standing contract with US government for subscribing this data from US Federal and State Government files.

Business Challenge

The client’s web user interface incudes a search bar for customers to search for and find all the required data, by working through a few filters and parameters. Some customers prefer to access these details from their Salesforce applications instead of logging into the client’s web application.

Client wanted to develop a SalesForce add-in module for such customers, so they can directly search for and access data through their Salesforce CRMs.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a web interface on Visualforce for Salesforce users. This application was hosted on Force.com and enabled customers to search, view, and access client data directly through their Salesforce systems.

At the backend, client data was integrated into Salesforce via ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) tools, replication engines, and migration engines. Standard Force.com web services APIs and Salesforce adapters were brought into play to connect, store, and access client data to Salesforce.

Type of client data accessible to customers and duration of its availability depended on the subscription plans the customers opted for. To ensure that data must not, as a general rule, go into customer Salesforce, Salesforce tokenization and encryptions were enforced.

The web interface came with interesting features of Sales Cloud such as:

  • Flexible and multi-use dashboard
  • Option to set desired information fields for prospect search results
  • Highly customizable interface components
  • Real-time social connectivity and sharing

Instead of Salesforce standard logics, Silicus developers associated their own logic with a controller class written in Apex to help users limit their data search to data relevant to them, instead of navigating through the vast pool of generic client data. Search feature was implemented with multiple navigation fields to narrow down results and save time.

Point and click simplicity was the center point of the UI layout.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4






Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

Web Service APIs and ETL

Project Management
Project Management

Salesforce and Sales Cloud

Client Benefits

Address Customer Needs

The SalesForce web interface integrated with customers’ Salesforce, enabling direct access to client data within the convenience of their own systems, and more importantly, extending the client’s data consumption options.

User-friendly solution

Silicus used Sales Cloud best practices to ensure a user-friendly, personalized, and trending approach to the solution provided to end users.

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