About the Client

Client is a residential mortgage lender and servicer offering home loans in more than 40 US states through wholesale, correspondent and consumer-direct mediums.

Business Challenge

Crucial work areas of the client involved the onboarding, managing, and off-boarding of brokers into the retail and wholesale lending partner process. These were multi-faceted tasks and called for a lot of time and effort if done manually.

Client wanted to automate this process, and wanted to do so with a Salesforce application since they were already using Salesforce CRM for customer management and engagement, with the development of a Salesforce application having dynamic features and integration capabilities.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a custom Salesforce application on Force.com to offer a comprehensive company wide solution to loan officers at client side.

A mix of Salesforce in-built and customized features were incorporated in the application, i.e., Salesforce standard objects, such as, Chatter, Feeds, Home page, etc. were implemented as well as customizations in Search filters and prospect results were done as per client preferences.

A single-point dashboard was created with innovative extensions to Salesforce standard objects including Referral Tracking, Lead Management, Social Sharing, and more. Date logic was used to change color and icon to quickly assess status.

Salesforce Lightening was optimized for Contextual Hovers, Activity Feeds, and imparted an appealing UI layout. A scalable metadata layer helped in going live faster and created a base for seamless upgrade as well. Revenue fields were updated through Apex loader and could be made viewable only to permissible users via security settings. Some custom formula fields were added to generate annual averages and revenue trends.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4




Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

Chatter, Salesforce Lightning, Sales Cloud



Client Benefits

Better Performance

Effective use of Visualforce customizations and Apex features improved the quality and speed of client’s primary processes to bring in new revenue and ensure regulatory compliance.

Quick and easy access to data

Client’s loan officers were mostly on their toes and their need to access business data from anywhere, anytime was sorted with the quick and hassle-free Salesforce Sales cloud features.

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