About the Client

The client is a leading provider of online, cloud-based recruitment management solutions for human resources departments. Their applicant tracking solution helps businesses find, qualify, and hire the best applicants. The solution streamlines the hiring process through a powerful tracking system enabling hiring teams to track, evaluate and collaborate on each open position and applicant.

Business Challenge

The client was operating on a legacy technology stack with performance and scalability limitations. To serve their clients with a modern, cloud-based hiring solution, they decided to transform their applicant tracking system into a SaaS offering. This envisioned cloud-based platform would offer a feature-rich, high-performance recruitment solution on a SaaS pricing model, designed to cater to businesses with up to 3,000 employees.

Several unique features were planned by the client to improve the recruitment experience, such as:

  • Ability to broadcast job openings to popular internet job boards and pre-evaluate candidates with screening questions
  • Module to manage on-boarding of new hires, as well as integration with third-party services for background screening, assessment testing and payroll services
  • Revamp internal management portal to administer many client deployments

The client engaged Silicus to help build and deploy the solution based on a previously developed early-stage prototype. All the updates would need to be developed, tested, and deployed live, without affecting customer account operations.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus’ software development team planned and executed the online recruitment solution using the Microsoft .NET platform. Along with the main software development work, they worked with the client daily to enhance the code and remove software bugs.

The team worked with the client to ensure the applicant tracking system would be fully configurable and provide users with real time updates and event notifications.

The following solutions were delivered to the client:

  • Cloud Deployment

    The web-based online recruitment and applicant tracking system was developed and deployed entirely on the cloud, enabling clients to instantly open an account and begin using the solution.

  • Dashboard

    Displays information regarding all open positions and candidates and the status of each applicant in the hiring process.

  • E-Onboarding Platform

    Recruitment staff can use the module for post-hire operations to collaborate with applicants in completing joining formalities and share training materials to facilitate on-boarding.

  • Third Party Integrations

    Integrated modules for recruiters to access HR services from third-party vendors’ pre-employment background checks, applicant assessment testing and payroll solutions.

The highlights of the new version developed by Silicus were:

  • Screening questions to identify and rank best-fit applicants
  • Customizable Position Templates
  • Communication and Collaboration Stream
  • Position Advertising
  • Branded Career Pages
  • Application Evaluation Tracking and Management
  • Applicant Communications log
  • Interview Manager Module
  • Reporting and Analytics

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4



SQL Server 2008 R2


.NET 4.0

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Telerik Controls



Client Benefits

Next-Gen Software Features

The new recruitment management system had cutting-edge features, ready to be deployed on the cloud, and could handle high-volume usage. The new technical and functional enhancement presented a significant competitive advantage over other leading recruitment solutions on the market. These unique capabilities were offered at an attractive, pay-as-you-use SaaS model. The client could rapidly meet customer demand and scale up to 160+ customer accounts within a few months of launch.

Minimal Disruption To Operations

Silicus assisted in daily maintenance issues and hot fixes including several smaller features and enhancements to improve the system. This improved overall performance of the core hiring system without disrupting client’s current users and internal operations.

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