SaaS Portal Development for Healthcare Practitioners

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SaaS Portal Development for Healthcare Practitioners

About the Client

The Client provides Web-Based Educational Resources for Oncology & Hematology Health Care Providers. They also provide software tools for helping oncology health care providers write evidence-based chemotherapy and supportive care orders for patients.

Business Challenge

The Client operated a Web-Based Portal that helped oncology health care providers manage patient prescription details. The portal was quite buggy, did not have a contemporary GUI & reporting features, and wasn’t optimized for user experience.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus proposed to re-engineer the Web-Portal as a SaaS based Web Application using PHP 5.5, MVC Architecture for development, and Fusion Admin to create a responsive user-friendly GUI. The application would be deployed on Azure cloud.

The SaaS-based Web Portal featured the following modules:

User Management

The client side Admin has access rights to add / update/ delete users (doctors) who have signed up to use the application. Any doctor who logs into the portal can only see the respective patient details assigned to them.

Patient Module

Provides patient details such as prescriptions, visit history, demographics, diagnosis, appointment, call list etc. Doctors can add/update/delete patient details through this module.

Schedule Module

Enables doctors to add appointments and breaks i.e. time slots for meetings, holidays, vacations etc. on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Once the appointment is added the doctors can take PDF print from the dashboard.

Message Module

This module allows doctors to compose, send and receive messages from different users using the same system. It is similar to normal e-mail applications with inbox/drafts/sent options, along with highlighting unread messages with count details.

Patient Charts

Helps doctors to add patient details - preventive care, diagnosis, problems, allergies, medications, pharmacy preferences, vital signs, prescription details etc. Doctors can also attach reports on initial visit, follow-up visit, radiology, pathology, labs, and additional notes for future reference.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

PHP 5.5

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

MY SQL 5.6

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces

Fusion Admin




NetBeans 8.0

Client Benefits

Accurate and Easy to Use

The web portal ensures accuracy and productivity by enabling doctors to go through each prescription step by step, prompting them to enter or select the appropriate choice and performing all calculations automatically. Easy-to-use drop down menus or buttons make it easy for doctors to use the application.

Simple & Responsive GUI

The use of Fusion Admin which is fully SASS (“Sassy CSS”) imparted elegance and performance to the front end. Silicus developed simple, clean and straightforward workflows, making the application very user friendly.

Easier Maintenance

By transitioning to a SaaS model, the client provided access from any device, without having to maintain multiple versions for different users, and avoiding case by case upgrades.

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