About the Client

Headquartered in North Carolina, the Client focuses on helping small to mid-size businesses achieve inventory optimization results through world-class forecasting experience and expertise.

Business Challenge

The client used to maintain customer related business data manually or in CSV files that were imported into SQL server. This led to the following problems:

  • CSV allows to move most basic data only; Complex configurations cannot be imported and exported
  • There is no distinction between text and numeric values
  • No standard way to represent binary data
  • Problems with importing CSV into SQL (no distinction between NULL and quotes)
  • The documents or files are error prone due to manual intervention

The client needed an automated, user friendly Customer Management Interface that could simplify creating, deleting, and editing of customer details.

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Silicus Solution

Given that the software needed to be accessed by end users from various companies, Silicus architected a SaaS based application with security and authentication features built in as part of the “multi-tenant” architecture.

Silicus developed a customized, user friendly and secure User Management Module using the Drupal framework.

Fusion Chart was used for graphical data depiction, imparting a polished and professional look to reports, without significant development effort.

The pages were designed with a universal toolbar at the top of the different dashboards/views for customers to select the context (company/location) within the scope of their role.

The different User Management Portal Roles were:

  • Client Admin
  • Company Admin
  • Manager
  • Location Manager

PHP Grid Framework was used to design a grid based outlook with the following features:

  • Automatic Add/Edit/ Del for the Grid Content
  • Search, Sort Pages & Apply Auto filter
  • Apply innovative built-in Themes
  • Export grid control into PDF, CSV & Excel
  • Supports all major databases including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PGSQL & ODBC Driver
  • Custom Add/Del Cells

The application was deployed on Azure cloud.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2008

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Windows 7, Windows Azure




Adobe Dreamweaver

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd party Tool

Fusion Charts, PHP Grid Framework

Client Benefits

Customized Charts

The use of “Fusion Charts” imparted high flexibility to customize charts as per user needs, including background colour, plot colours, fonts etc. along with an advanced theming engine.

Multiple User Access Rights

The Drupal Platform helped enforce read/write access policies for end users at each company. The administrator can create new user accounts and establish their permission rights.

Detailed Grid Layout

PHP Grid enabled Add, Edit, Del, Auto-filter, Search, Sort, Page, Grouping, Export, Custom Add/Del Calls, Master-detail Grids, Multiple Databases, Customizable Themes and many other features.

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