About the Client

The client is a leading provider of software used by enterprises to manage and mitigate risk. Its software enables companies dealing with an uncertain business environment to convert risks into opportunities. The company's software solution provides a number of pre-defined metrics, trends, alerts and ad-hoc tools delivered through a real-time web application. This data helps clients improve profitability, manage risk appetite and strategies, improve the accuracy of plans and budgets, align daily operations with long-term goals, predict and respond to market changes, recognize profit drivers, and ensure financial transparency.

Business Challenge

The client wanted a complex business analytics module on top of its existing web application that automatically monitors and extracts a wide variety of information from business systems. The module provides users with the capability of understanding business trends as they develop.

The Silicus team was challenged to develop and integrate a complex business analytics module, with existing data, on top of the client's existing solution. The client was looking for a partner with a proven track record of designing and architecting business intelligence (BI) software on the latest platforms and technologies. Silicus was chosen for its BI domain knowledge strength and Microsoft platform expertise.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a Static Pool Analysis (SPA) module – based on the model used in the lending industry for analyzing loan portfolios in detail, across several dimensions in order to gain insight into lending programs and make informed decisions.

The Silicus Approach

Silicus first created a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) by leveraging the team's domain knowledge for creating an SPA module that adheres to lending industry best practices.

The team at Silicus then developed the design of the analytics module and, once it was delivered to and approved by the client, the development work on the SPA module started. The UI theme and navigation of the analytics module were kept the same as the existing web application.

Cubes were used to define pre-formatted data repositories, while MDX was used to write complex queries to fetch data for report generation.

Modules Developed

Roles and permissions: Role-based authorization and key-based licensing features were designed and developed to control access to the analytics module.

Pool configuration: Pool configuration was developed to provide users with the ability to define a set of static pools with specific filter criteria, which are then plotted on a graph for loss analysis.

Goal and alert settings: This feature allows users to define a color scheme and loss percentage threshold to reflect periodic loss variations from predefined periodic goals. This helps identify losses that are under or over the defined threshold values.

Graphs: Graphs were developed for static pool variance, static pool comparative, loss to liquidation variance, loss to liquidation comparative, key pool comparison, loss analysis and static pool delinquency.

Solution Highlights

Silicus performed a thorough study of how SPA is conducted and came up with the correct formula to be used for the development of the analytics module. This time-consuming task had no margin for error.

Silicus developed the analytics module as an extension to the existing web application. New navigation links were added. The UI theme and style, along with the navigation, were kept the same as the existing web application.

Silicus used cutting-edge technologies like Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), Cubes and Server Analysis Services to develop and deliver the reporting for the analytics module.

Silicus designed and developed a new static pool cube for the client, used to generate reports for SPA. The cube is a data repository where data is stored in a pre-calculated manner to generate complex reports in real-time.

MDX was used to write complex queries to generate reports from the cube data. It required complex analysis of data to come up with the right query.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft .NET

Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2008 R2

Web Server
Web Server



SQL Server Analysis Service, Cubes, MDX

Operating System
Operating System

Windows Server 2008


Chart FX

Database Query Languages
Database Query Languages



SQL Server Analysis

Development Toolkits
Development Toolkits

Visual Studio 2010

Client Benefits


The Microsoft and BI expertise at Silicus ensured that the software delivered to the client exceeded the quality expectations. The team used the latest technologies, like MDX and Cubes, to deliver feature-rich business analytics software. The solution had unique features, for example, varied interpretive graphs that could easily help lend insight into the static pool statuses. Moreover, the software was easy to use and scalable for any future enhancements. This all greatly improved the client's competitive advantage and market presence.


The client wanted the project to be delivered within aggressive time constraints. The project schedule had originally called for beginning work on the development before design completion. However, Silicus was able to deliver the complete design of the analytics module to be integrated with the web app before it started working on software development. Since the design was completed ahead of schedule, much time and effort was saved since no design changes were required once the development work began.

Silicus' development team leveraged the existing artifacts and used the agile software development methodology to meet the short timeline. The accelerated ability to take the solution to market gave the client a significant advantage over the competition.

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