About the Client

The client is a leading privately owned mortgage lender in the United States focused on providing reverse mortgage solutions to senior homeowners.

Business Challenge

Typically, a reverse mortgage company sells its products through wholesale partners and directly to homeowners. Senior homeowners are increasingly using reverse mortgages as a tool for retirement planning, but find it challenging to understand and choose amongst available choices. The client wanted to find a solution that would help improve transparency and build trust with potential customers.

The client's loan officers, reverse mortgage professionals and financial planners needed tools to help prospective borrowers understand and determine the right solution for their financial needs. The tool needed to offer an easy-to-use and intuitive presentation of reverse mortgage products in the setting of the prospective borrower's home.

The envisioned tool would take a homeowner's financial information and perform intricate calculations to clearly show the impact each of the client's products would have on home equity credit line growth. The tool would help homeowners evaluate the best product to meet their needs on the spot with the client's agents, as opposed to waiting for them to return to the office, perform calculations and respond with a follow-up.

The client wanted the tool with built-in mortgage calculators to be accessible only to employees. Since its team used SharePoint and Salesforce.com to maintain their customer information, it also needed the tool to be easily accessible from within these solutions. The client chose Silicus to develop its reverse mortgage tools based on previous successes building the company's SharePoint partner and intranet portals.


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Silicus Solution

After analyzing all of the requirements, the client chose to make the tool accessible from both an iPad and a web browser. The iPad was the perfect platform as most of the client's sales team already possessed one. Furthermore, the large screen size enabled user-friendly input and display of all of the homeowner's financial information.

Silicus created both a secure, native app for the iPad and a web interface to access the mortgage calculator directly. The tool could be accessed from within both SharePoint and SalesForce.com, where employee login credentials for these solutions would give them direct access to the calculator without the need to sign in again. The same back-end components would deliver an identical solution regardless of the platform used to access it.

Highlights of the Reverse Mortgage Calculator:

  • Enables the sales team to quickly perform calculations for potential customers
  • Results displayed as graphs for easy comprehension
  • Ability to dynamically change values to instantly update graphs with new results
  • Graphically displays outputs to project and predict future outcomes
  • Options for changing variables to view value of home and loan balance for constant draw, variable draw or lump sum
  • Print functionality to give homeowners the opportunity to carefully review their predicted financial performance against product options
  • Side-by-side product comparison on a single screen for both short and long-term mortgages
  • Dynamically change input variables to perform "what-if" scenario calculations

The client is currently using the tool internally. However, in the future, it can easily be made available to potential prospects from a web browser.


Technologies Used

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2008

Language ASP.NET MVC4

iOS, SharePoint, SalesForce

Web Server
Web Server


Web Services
Web Services


Client Benefits

  • Provides the homeowner with a clear picture of the financial benefits and risks
  • Helps ensure potential customers select the correct product to meet their financial needs
  • Projects results over a number of scenarios for better decision making and improved transparency
  • Enables client's team to run calculations for homeowners across scenarios quickly and from a mobile device
  • Permits easy comparison of products and product choices
  • Makes complex calculations accessible to sales personnel and potential borrowers
  • Sales tools and educated borrowers provide a competitive advantage over other mortgage retailers
  • Software developed using Silicus' proven offshore development model for competitive cost advantage
  • Mortgage calculator integrated with SharePoint and SalesForce for easy accessibility

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