RESTful API Development to Integrate Healthcare Portals

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RESTful API Development to Integrate Healthcare Portals

About the Client

The client provides specialist healthcare services in the area of human hormone balancing, including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Thyroid Therapy, Insulin Resistance, and Gut Health.

The client utilizes a secure Decision Support System (DSS) that employs clinical protocols to function as a symptom assessment tool, an EMR, and a tutorial and information database to help physicians diagnose and provide expert medical recommendations. Under the care of these physicians, patients receive recommendations on nutritional supplements that they need to maintain an optimum hormone balance.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to integrate data from their existing patient portal and e-commerce website via a set of RESTful APIs. They needed technical expertise to develop web services which would extract data from these two portals and drive their business operations which was to recommend dietary supplements for patients based on current treatments and medication.

Silicus Solution

The client had two existing portals – a patient portal with access to patient EMR’s and assessments, and an E-commerce portal to buy medicines and supplements.

The client’s key business objective was to drive additional revenues by providing relevant data to registered patients, physicians and general visitors by recommending supplements for on-going treatments and nutritional deficiencies.

With these broad business requirements, Silicus developed two RESTful web services to extract data from both portals and integrate the information to be made available to users. The first web service receives drug intake details as input and recommends nutritional supplements required based on the deficiencies caused by the drug intake.

The second web service was built to identify and list supplements to patients based as per their personal health conditions.

Technologies Used

Programming Language
Programming Language




Web Services
Web Services


Client Benefits

Increased Sales

The API’s drove increased sales through pro-active and consistent recommendations to users for purchased of supplements through the E-Store

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