Functional & Regression Testing of Data Recovery Software

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Functional & Regression Testing of Data Recovery Software

About the Client

The client is a global leader in Consumer PC Tools and provides PC diagnostic software and other support tools that enhance PC user experience.

The client’s comprehensive software product line of PC Tools is geared to keep a user’s PC running at peak performance.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a revenue generating version of its popular free software product. The software product is a utility that scans a hard drive to undelete or recover deleted files from the hard disk.

The client maintained a bug log of know bugs/issues with its data recovery software. Apart from fixing known issues, the client planned functional enhancements for the software product to make it competitive. The client wanted the software product quality tested prior to releasing a software update. The client chose Silicus for our systems software expertise and track record of working with leading systems management software companies.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a master test plan that outlined the approach to be taken to test the software. The master test plan provided a high level overview of the test approach that would ensure effective software testing. The high level software test plan for the project was as follows:

  • Identify all software functionality that must be tested
  • Identify required hardware, support software and test tools to be used for testing
  • Identify the types of software tests to be performed

The scope of software testing was limited to manual testing including:

  • Functional testing of the software product, including the installable
  • Testing of all fixed bugs

Functional testing of the software product covered the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and usability and included the following modules of the software:

  • Tree View pane (Types, Folders, Drives)
  • File Info View
  • Open File
  • Status View
  • Start Scan
  • Stop Scan
  • Start Undelete
  • Stop Undelete
  • File Filter options
  • Update option
  • Help
  • About

Technologies Used



Operating System
Operating System

Microsoft Windows VISTA 32 bit on NTFS and FAT 32 file systems

Bug Reporting
Bug Reporting


Test Case Writing
Test Case Writing

MS Excel

Software product testing on various environments
Software product testing on various environments



USB Drive, Floppy Drive’s and any type of flash drives (such as used in cameras)

Client Benefits

Transformed a free software product to a revenue generating one

The software product was rigorously tested to weed out bugs, and also tested for all scenarios

By testing the software product thoroughly, Silicus justified the customer's move to a commercial software product

Quick turnaround on software testing

Silicus had a past working relationship with the client, and was able to commit the software test infrastructure and resources within a short duration, with a turnaround time of just 1.5 months

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