About the Client

The client develops patient risk assessment software for breast cancer diagnosis. The risk assessment involves applying risk prediction models based on breast density and genetic screening of data and determining whether the patient qualifies for special mammography imaging towards accurate diagnosis of breast cancer.

Business Challenge

The current software package wasn’t seamlessly integrated, and led to maintenance challenges. The client wanted a fully integrated software package that had cloud-based components for data integration and messaging. They also wanted to improve user interface aesthetics and functionality for various messaging mechanisms, color and report generation. A tablet survey had to be developed and hosted on the cloud.

From the reporting architecture perspective, the interface to DICOM libraries must be retrofitted for direct access calls to DICOM. A means to integrate the risk engine with the new web based application is one of the challenges for the system. Given the application complexity, there were several software components that needed to be redesigned and developed to fit into the solution architecture.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus proposed and collaborated on a system architecture diagram with various messaging services, DICOM library calls and cloud based enhancements for presentation and data delivery. A dynamic DICOM wrapper was developed to interface library calls for finding and querying the service class user from the PACS server. This was done at an API level to facilitate improved access to DICOM library and streamlined execution.

The tablet survey was moved to the Azure cloud with various changes for messaging and reporting. The Azure bus connector was connected to the messaging queue for delivery of messages and ease of use. The user interface colors and aesthetics were changed to give a streamlined, aesthetic, naturalistic user interface.

Silicus’ work involved complete revamp from a legacy application to a cloud enabled solution with various software components. The risk engine was integrated with the existing application for risk assessment and document generation.

Appropriate training and user level documentation was developed for each of the screens to help the user with operating the software and system.

Technologies Used


Microsoft Azure


C#, .NET,C++(Unmanaged)


DICOM (Digital imaging and communications)

Client Benefits


An end-to-end solution was developed with efficient and optimized technology services for flow of information to a cloud based system. Inherent mechanisms were built in towards developing software for DICOM interfaces and web based communication between various components of the risk assessment/monitoring engine.


The DICOM wrapper and cloud-based solution allowed direct communication and improved information retrieval from the data access layer to efficiently meet business requirements. The revamped architecture and solution design was several times faster with improvements in efficient processing of feeds and retrieval queries.


The improved user interface and data reporting with Azure calls enabled enhanced reporting and transparency across developed applications. This facilitated ease of access and a streamlined solution architecture, with the added benefit of direct reporting from DICOM/PACS server calls.


The newly developed solutions featured improvements in the login screen and the tablet survey ported to the cloud. The messaging architecture was improved with efficient information flow for various UI elements, imparting a more enhanced and streamlined user experience.


Appropriate training and user level documentation was developed for each of the UI components and modules developed to elucidate software operation and module deployment towards an orchestrated ease of use.

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