About the Client

The client is US based regional auto finance company, which has been serving independent automobile dealers for over two decades with underwriting, financing and collection services. The primary activity of the client is to underwrite, collect and service loans with the objective of creating repeat and referral customers for the automobile dealers. They are among the most recognized regional organizations in the sub-prime auto financing sector.

Business Challenge

The client’s current system to process auto financing services for automotive dealers and customers had been created with a front-end built on Oracle Forms and an Oracle database. As a desktop program with limited features and accessibility, the application needed to be installed separately for each user. There were limitations to the software and the client wished to add additional features in order to automate certain processes that would help improve the efficiency and profitability of the client’s service for automotive dealerships.

Auto loan payments and research made against the loans were not directly traceable in the current program. Computing the dealer’s loan balance and reporting to the client with details required further manual intervention. This made entering payment details and preparing loan status and performance reports, a time consuming and complex task for the client’s staff. Additionally, the client worked with third party underwriters and the current system was unable to integrate with the client’s partners.

New rules for processing financial loans and products also could not be altered in the current application, making the case for revamping the system even stronger. Another issue faced by the users of the current system was the program’s user interface, which was built using legacy technology. The user interface was not very easy to use, requiring several clicks to complete a single operation, and the client’s staff found it slow and cumbersome to use. The client therefore decided to have a web based application to replace the current front end and also wanted to add new modules for tracking payments and creating reports.

Silicus was selected to revamp the system’s front end and make additional modules and enhancements to the dealer management application as per the client’s requirements.

Silicus Solution

Silicus’ software development conducted detailed discussions to finalize the design and functional requirements for the new version of the application. The application would be built using Microsoft .NET technology to take advantage of the ease of development and familiarity with Microsoft applications and leverage the extensive .NET capabilities of the Silicus team.

The web based software solution was created within a short timeframe, with daily review meetings held with the client to ensure the product development was on track. The highlights of the application developed by the Silicus software development team were:

Simplified User Interface: Silicus created a clean, simple web interface that was easy to understand for the client’s staff and partners. The system is required to be used by the automotive dealers as well as the staff of the client need to be able to administer and configure the system and produce reports. Therefore Silicus created different modules for clients, users and administrators, and available modules are displayed on the user interface depending on the permission level of each user. On logging into the system, the application dashboard displays all of the user’s important data in a single screen.

Enhanced Features: The administrative user has modules for the client’s staff to perform the following functions:

  • Dealer Management: The dealer management module allows the administrator to add a dealer to the system as well as add sub dealers and view all dealers in a list. All of a particular auto dealer’s profile details such as contact details, contract info, license details, purchase info, program details, permissions and more are captured in this module.
  • Contracts Management: This module is used to enter the data for a new auto financing contract and users can view the list of contracts. Information captured in this tab includes buyer details, employer details, co-buyer info, Insurance info and the terms of the contract.
  • Payment Tracking: The module is used for receiving payments. A Payment checklist captures all information required to take payments in bulk or at the point of sale and the user also has functionality to reverse a payment in this module.
  • Reporting: Users can easily click on a particular dealer, contract, or user to view a snapshot with all the updated information. The application tracks and gathers all loan data to give a snapshot of the status and performance for a dealer.
  • New financial rules: The system configuration was designed to ensure that the system can comply with new financial rules and can be configured according to changing requirements for underwriting and financing automotive loans.
  • Audit mapping for customer service operations: The application was designed to store all transactions and information so that customer service could easily conduct an audit of all information regarding a particular client or user.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C#, JQuery


Oracle 11g, Oracle 11G Express


.Net 4.5



Web Technologies
Web technologies

Asp.net, MVC

Third Party API
Third Party API

Telerik MVC Extension Library

Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

Oracle SQL Developer Tool



Client Benefits

Process Automation And Cost Savings

The client could now run their operations from a single web based system which can handle all their transactions with automotive dealers. This frees up the client from maintaining multiple VPN’s for each user login. Payment collection and tracking which was previously done manually and was a time-consuming process, could now be handled online within a single system. This level of process automation saved valuable time and resources for the client and also allowed them to easily create payment status reports and provide their partners with detailed information.

Enhanced Accessability, Performance And Improved User Interface

As the new solution was completely web based, the client’s staff and their customers could now access the system for any browser using the login details. The new .NET based solution created and tested by Silicus was a huge improvement in terms of speed and performance without any risk of errors or system crashes. The user interface was simple to learn for the users and required minimum level of user training and knowledge to operate.

Higher Profitability And Customer Satisfaction With Enhanced Reporting

The new solution enabled the client to offer their auto dealer and other partners a much more detailed view of the auto financing operations. The client could now easily collect, report and analyze the performance of the auto loans disbursed to the end users. The client could now make recommendations to improve auto financing profitability and plan future strategies based on the accurate system data. This leads to improved customer engagement and ultimately can attract more clients for their services.

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