About the Client

The client designs, manufactures and distributes innovative engraving, marking and cutting solutions. The group also develops software solutions for design modelling and the manufacture of graphic objects. Key players in the automobile and luxury industries and professional engravers and jeweler designers use client’s solutions.

Business Challenge

To create a market differentiator, the client wanted to offer value added services that allows customers to measure engraving trends and performance metrics through operational and sales data.

The core of this offering would be a powerful business intelligence and reporting solution. Silicus was engaged to create a solution using Microsoft’s Power BI platform, enabling customers to visualize their sales and operational data for generating analytical insights. The key technical requirements included:

  • A staging database where client’s end customer data is uploaded
  • A reporting database of fact tables in an appropriate format (based on the metrics)
  • Dashboards to display the status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Data refresh into the Dashboards
  • Ability to pull data into Excel for further analysis

Silicus Solution

Silicus developed the Power BI visualization features leveraging SQL Scripting and deployed it on Azure Cloud. The BI portal allowed:

  • Developers to use Desktop to design or change the dashboard
  • Users to access the web or mobile app to view the dashboard


Silicus data management experts implemented an ETL process to facilitate automatic processing, sorting and moving of data from staging database into the dashboards.  Silicus team created visualizations in Power BI to best represent the various measures most important to the client’s customers.

The key features enabled in the Power BI web portal were:

  • User Name and Password for secure login and data viewing
  • Raw data downloads in excel sheets
  • Natural Language Querying Feature called Q&A
  • Graphical representation of data in matrix, pie charts, bars, etc.
  • Dashboards to manage the web portal

Technologies Used


SQL Scripting, DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)


Power BI


SQL Server Management Studio, Power BI Desktop


SQL Azure

Client Benefits

Strengthened Client-Customer Relationship

Silicus developed a Power BI based reporting solution that met end user expectations by offering actionable insights about the engraving and marketing trends to their customers. This added a new degree of stickiness between the customer and end users.

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