About the Client

The client provides augmented reality solutions through proprietary technology that is the most widely used commercial augmented reality platform in the market. Their patented software suite integrates real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream, enabling the development of secure Augmented Reality solutions for interactive marketing, live events, and e-commerce.

Business Challenge

The client was in the process of creating an augmented reality mobile and web application for a large eyewear retailer to let users virtually tryout eyewear products. The retailer wanted to enhance its brand value with this innovative digital product to complement and boost ongoing media campaigns.

The client’s Eyewear virtual fitting technology would be powered through iPhone & Android apps, highlighting the customizable eyewear choices, thus driving both web traffic and foot falls to the optician’s stores.

Silicus’ Mobile Development team was engaged to create the augmented reality fitting app. Silicus would build, test, and release the application complete with end-client branding and graphics.

The client specifications required the following pages and functionality to be created for the mobile app:

  • Loading page for app
  • Homepage: users can slide between the retailers eyewear range for men’s and women’s collections, designer collections etc.
  • Information page to display application version, developer name and links for sharing feedback via email or social media.
  • Favorites : Options to select and add specific products to the users favorite list
  • App would have a store locator function to allow users to quickly find the nearest store or locate stores anywhere in the region

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed one of the very first cross-platform and cross-device solutions with Real-time augmented reality try-on and fitting capabilities on Android mobile devices. The augmented reality experience would leverage the client’s proprietary Try Live technology and the cloud-based deployment ensured that the application can be set up and administered directly via an online portal.

The virtual fitting functionality works by superimposing the glasses on the users face, facilitating different try-on methods.

The augmented reality engine had the following virtual try on options available to app users:

Virtual try on using a webcam : The webcam option offers a “live” or real-time experience for optimal interactivity.

Photo-based try on : If the customer doesn’t have or doesn’t wish to use a webcam, the app offers a photo-based solution to try on glasses. Users can upload their own photo, or choose a photo from a range of human models.

The application featured commonly used functionality such as:

Social Media Sharing : Facebook sharing functionality was incorporated into the app to share the experience.

Geo-location : The application was developed to read and display the user’s current location using GPS technology and to display the nearest stores on an interactive map.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012


Language ASP.NET MVC4


Web Technologies
Web Technologies

RESTful Web services

Development Environment
Development Environment


3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integrations

Proprietary Augmented Reality Engine SDK

Client Benefits

First Augmented Reality App In Mobile Commerce

Silicus mobile expertise helped ensure the successful delivery of one of the very first augmented reality based mobile apps in ecommerce. This novel feature significantly increased customer engagement through its immersive and social shopping experiences.

Increased Sales by Driving Online and In-Store Traffic

The mobile app registered over 100,000 online downloads within a few months of launch, increasing web traffic by over 600% over the course of the marketing campaign.

Boost Conversion, Reduce Return Rates

The application encouraged customers to take ownership of their buying experience and the increased customer confidence in the purchased product ensured higher sales conversion rates with the added benefits of significantly lower returns.

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