Pharmacy Prescription Transfer Application Development

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Pharmacy Prescription Transfer Application Development

About the Client

The client is a local, independent pharmacy with a focus on personalizing care to meet health care needs. They work with insurance companies and physicians to find lower priced generic drugs whenever possible to keep prescriptions affordable.

Business Challenge

Pharmacies across the USA must transfer or receive transferred prescriptions on a daily basis. The transfer process for the client was manual, making it time consuming and prone to errors.

To remain competitive, the client wanted to build a web application for pharmacy prescription transfer, that could make the prescription transfer process easier, automated and less time consuming. The client envisioned a web based application that will enable pharmacies to send and receive prescription transfers at one go. This platform could be white labeled and sold to other small & local pharmacies.

The platform would allow pharmacies subscribing to the service to transfer prescriptions amongst themselves.

Silicus Solution

Silicus developed and delivered a responsive web application for prescription transfer along with notification features such as eFax and Windows Desktop notification.

The application was designed to be HIPAA compliant given that patient medical details would be involved in the prescription transfers.

The application development work involved three different modules / parts, detailed below.


  • Includes features such as Register Pharmacy with Pharmacy Name, NPI, Address, Contact Information, Billing Information
  • Add pharmacy locations by uploading .csv file in a pre-defined format with the location information
  • Billing details including credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH) information
  • View / manage pharmacies
  • Report generations
    • Revenue from pharmacy (with selected pharmacy / date range filter)
    • Number of transactions (with selected date range filter),
    • No Response Report
    • End of Day Transaction Detail Report

    This module allows pharmacies to subscribe to the service through a Self-Registration feature, driven by a powerful user management module at the back-end, for administration. Once registered the pharmacy will get a Client Admin user account. The Client Admin will be able to:

    • Add pharmacy locations
    • Edit / Deactivate pharmacy locations
    • Add users for each pharmacy (Name, Contact Details, Email ID)
    • Add notification contacts details (Email ID, Mobile Number) for each pharmacy.

    The Pharmacy module has two sub modules:

    Sending Pharmacy

    • Sending pharmacy can request for prescription by adding patient details in the prescription form along with the drug name and dosage
    • The drug name feature is used to search any drug name the pharmacy wants to enter, it has been implemented using an in-built API
    • The prescription notification can be sent through eFax apart from in portal notification

    Receiving pharmacy

    • Receiving pharmacy will receive in-portal notifications/reminders when a new prescription has been received
    • If the Receiving pharmacy does not acknowledge the receipt of the prescription by changing the status to “Received” within a pre-defined time, another notification will be sent via eFax.
    • If there is no response after 30 minutes, the system will auto send an eFax notification to respond and the pharmacy will be charged for the eFax service
    • Silicus integrated the Windows Desktop notification agent for alerting pharmacists to pending prescriptions, and secondary alerts to mark transferred prescriptions as completed.


      • Authorize.NET for payment processing
      • eFax used for sending prescriptions to the pharmacy who opt for receiving it by fax
      • Drug Database integration
        • Initial Data Load
        • Scheduled Drug Database Updates
        • Web services for the portal application
      • Pharmacy and Admin interact with the system through REST API layer exposed by the system. REST API Layer takes care of all the security validations and internal interactions with the system. Apache Tomcat is used as an Application Server for this system.

        The application was deployed on Microsoft’s Azure IaaS cloud with the benefits of “pay-as-you-go” and Microsoft SLA’s on application uptime. The model would also allow the application to scale up and scale out as business grew.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Java, AngularJS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap


Spring, Bootstrap



Deployment Platform

Azure IaaS



Client Benefits

  • Automated prescription transfer eliminating manual efforts
  • Timely prescription transfers through eFax notifications for pharmacies to respond within 30 minutes
  • Error Free & Secure Online Money Transfer via Authorize.NET

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