About the Client

The client provides solutions to increase organizational efficiency through Google Apps based cloud-computing application implementation and customization. The client owns several Google Apps based software products / accelerators that simplify the adoption and transition of 3rd party business applications used by organizations towards Google Applications. The client’s software products facilitate adoption of Google Mail, Google Docs, and other Google utilities within organizations.

Business Challenge

The client was gearing up for several new Google App Engine based software development initiatives and was challenged with bandwidth constraints to get the projects started. The client sought a strong offshore technology partner to drive its software engineering initiatives.

The client and Silicus entered into a partnership where Silicus would develop and enhance Google Apps migration software owned by the client. For this, the client maintained a full time development team to spearhead the development of new tools / accelerators and improve the features and performance of existing ones.

The client saw potential in developing software that could significantly automate migration from Oracle Collaboration Suite Calendar to Google Apps Calendar. Currently, there were challenges in scaling up its Oracle to Google calendar service offering due to lack of automation during the migration process.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed an application for migrating Oracle Calendar data to Google Calendar using Java and Google App Engine. The team developed a web based application, accessible through IE or Firefox.

The application architecture comprised two parts:

Migration engine residing on the Google App engine domain with a front end featuring simple, easy to use web pages to drive the migration activity. The screens are an interface for carrying out user authentication using SSO (Single Sign On) and defining migration details.
Integration server residing in the client environment (Connector). This is a web service deployed on the client DMZ box, communicates with the Oracle server, extracting calendar data and pushing it to a staging environment.

Google Admin Authentication

This is the entry screen for primary administrator authentication. Once authenticated, the application opens a dashboard allowing the primary administrator to add other Admin Users. Only administrators had privileges for migrating user’s Oracle Calendar data to Google Calendar.

Configuring Google Domain and Oracle Hosts

For each Oracle Calendar user, the administrator enters configuration details - IP address, ports and URL’s for the staging and Oracle servers. Once entered, a web service is created that establishes connections between the staging server and Oracle server.

Oracle to Google Calendar Migration Portal

Once connections between Oracle and staging servers are made, admin is prompted to enter credentials of the user’s Oracle account and corresponding Google accounts. Oracle Calendar users could select the date range for which the data had to be migrated or select all events for migration.

Once started, admin and end users could view migration status of each event.

Field Mapping and Data Storage

The most challenging part of software development was mapping between Oracle field names and Google Apps fields. Silicus Google Apps experts created a migration rules engine with accurate field mapping to make sure Oracle Calendar data was migrated to the correct Google field.

Calendar event related data was stored in Google Calendar database while user / account related information was stored in Google BigTable.

Security and Access rights

The application had proper role based segregation of access rights.

  • Primary Administrator – super admin with privileges to create several client administrators
  • Client Administrator - responsible for adding configurations like Oracle host, Connector IP & port to drive the migration process
  • End User - responsible for selecting date range and initiating the migration process

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

Google BigTable, Google Calendar database

Development Platform
Development Platform

Java 1.6, Google App Engine

Development Toolkit
Development Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)


Eclipse 3.4


Windows XP

Client Benefits

Accelerated Time to Market

The client was facing high demand for Oracle to Google calendar migration, and was constrained with scaling up its offering. Silicus Google Apps and Java software development expertise helped develop the accelerator within a short time span, helping the client fulfill the back-log of migration projects for end customers.

Google Apps, Java Expertise Delivered from Low Cost Location

Silicus had strong expertise and track record in Google App Engine, GWT and related Google technologies. The client partnered a reliable and mature offshore partner to help expand its portfolio of Google Apps based cloud-computing solutions.

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