O&G Well Drilling Geo-Navigation Visualization Solution

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O&G Well Drilling Geo-Navigation Visualization Solution

About the Client

The client is a private Oil and Gas Exploration Services company.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop software for geologic interpretation of visuals for oil well log data. The software would facilitate geo-steering inputs during horizontal oil well drilling operations.

The client’s objective was to develop an application that was specialized for the analytical task at hand, interactive, flexible and delivered improvements in productivity by automating repetitive steps involved in data interpretation. This was also an opportunity to enhance their portfolio of services, and the new software would project increased value in the knowledge captured within proprietary tools, and impart a superior presentation format for the services provided.

The client approached Silicus to develop the custom software application that would replace general purpose tools like Microsoft Excel which were currently being used.

The client signed up with Silicus following our team’s ability to rapidly grasp the conceptual and analytical aspects of the client’s specialized domain (horizontal drilling), the ability to quickly define the software specifications and prototype a solution, and the unique cost advantages of working with Silicus’ offshore development model.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a desktop application using Microsoft’s C# and .NET technology, and OpenGL components for graphical data representations.

Analytical features
  • Identify dip and fault characteristics of target oil well bore based on well log and control log analysis
  • Generate directional data (N/S, E/W)
  • Perform drilling trajectory data interpolations
  • Calculate average dips in selected drilling zones
Functional Features
  • Efficient single screen UI layout for all core functions
  • Interactive analysis of visual information - alignment of logs, data point selections, change of curve parameters
  • Quick scaling and zooming of graphs
  • Ability to save and restore consolidated log data and analysis as project files.
  • Import LAS format log data files.
  • Export data for further analysis to Excel
  • Save and print charts as image files
  • Rich screen and print presentation features – color, text and curve display selections, annotations

Technologies Used



Development Platform




Client Benefits

Improved productivity and planning
  • Drilling project cost savings and better results for their customers
  • Higher geologist productivity on drilling projects
  • Improved accuracy of target reservoir model
  • Improved drilling trajectory planning

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